Solution of “No information Contained” Problem of BKF files

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BKF files are data backup files which stores valuable data. These files are created by using NTBackup utility which is a powerful backup application and it is a free tool which comes with NT based version of windows operating system. It is quite easy to store data in these BKF files by using NTBackup tool. But in some cases BKF files gives an error message while restoring data from it. There are several reasons behind these error massages but the main reason is corruption in BKF files. If BKF files are get corrupt then backup will become inaccessible and data cannot be restored by using NTBackup tool. To resolve such issue BKF file repair is required by using BKF Recovery software to extract data back.
If you are trying to open or restore corrupt BKF file, you will get several error messages one of them is explained below.
There is no information contained in the file...”
NTBackup utility will not be able to restore your data if BKF files are giving above written error message. This error message will pop up every time when you will try to restore data with NTBackup utility.

Let us read the cause of this Error Message: Above error message comes in two situations as given below:
  1. If you are using two windows operating system with different product keys for creating and restoring backup files.
  2. BKF files are get corrupt, and corrupt BKF files gives above message while restoring. There are number of reasons for BKF file corruption some of them are given here virus infection, operating system malfunction, improper system shutdown, simultaneous execution of Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) while creating backup, installing service pack.
Now, Let us read the solution for it:
Always restore backup files on the same machine on which these backup files are created (should have same product key). BKF recovery software is required to repair corrupt damaged or corrupt BKF files. Several BKF repair software are available on Internet you need to choose that one which is compatible with your computer configuration and requirement.
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