Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is your zip file get corrupted due to big file size?

If your zip file is larger than 4 Gigabytes then it might be no longer accessible, and most probably it may got corrupted when you try to unzip the file. In such situations when you create the zip file you'll not receive any error message but after creating you cannot read the file. This issue can occur because the zip file size limit is approximately 4 GB or the file is severely got corrupted.

To resolve this issue, first ensure that you limit the size of a compressed folder to 4 GB or less when you create a compressed folder.

Here are a few other points which you also get consider:

Browser: Sometimes Internet Explorer often caused this kind of problem. So you can choose another browser like chrome to resolve this issue

FTP: If possible, you can try to get download from an FTP server via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) rather than HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). From the name you can see that FTP is dedicated to transferring files.

Command-line download utilities: You can also use dedicated software for this task which is better than a browser. For Windows: BITSAdmin. There is many more other software which you can easily found on the web.

Internet connection: This issue also occurs when your internet is breaking off in every 10-15 minutes. You cannot find this issue because it does not affect web surfing but it can create a problem for downloading any file via some browsers.

Cable: This issue also occurs when your cable is not connected properly. Also check that you cable is properly connected or not.

Antivirus: This issue also gets occur if downloaded file has virus infected. It could delay the downloading process and cause problems. You should turn your antivirus on when downloading unknown files.

If your file is really get corrupted then It is hard to advise something because file corruption is very hard to handle by own way. The easy way to handle corruption & get back your corrupted file is Third Party Zip Recovery Software. These software are specially designed by professionals to repair corrupted Zip file.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is your PowerPoint file really got corrupted?

Have you ever suffer with any PowerPoint file corruption error message. If yes then first answer these questions to ensure that your file is really corrupted:

Is your file password-protected?

If you are trying to open your password-protected file in previous version of PowerPoint then in this case you may also receive PowerPoint file corruption error message.

Did you receive this file by e-mail attachment?

If you receive file by email attachment & give an error message while you trying to open it then you should again try to download it & again try to open it. If you still get corruption error message then ask the sender to send it again.

Are you trying to open PowerPoint file created in a previous version?

If you are trying to open your file in previous version of PowerPoint then you may also receive file corruption error message. In this case you should 'Check for Updates' option from the Help menu then install the Critical Update.

If all above conditions are not true then your file is really get corrupted.

Use following methods to resolve PowerPoint File Corruption.:

1. Use Slides from Files on the Insert menu:

  • Open a new blank presentation.
  • On the Insert menu, click Slides from Files.
  • In the Slide Finder dialog box, browse to your corrupt file.
  • Click Insert All.

If the corrupted slides successfully add then you can apply your older slides format to correct the formatting.

2. Open the presentation in Microsoft Office Word.

  • Open Word.
  • On the File menu, click Open.
  • In the Open dialog box, click the arrow next to the Files of Type box at the bottom of that dialog box, and then click Recover Text From Any File.
  • Navigate to your corrupt file, select it, and then click Open.

Use next step if this step get failed to repair corrupt PowerPoint files.

3. Move the file to a different place.

Try to copy the file to a different place like different computer̢۪s hard drive, different drive on your computer and then try to open it again.

Use next step if this step get failed to repair corrupt PowerPoint files.

4. Try Third Party PowerPoint Recovery Tools

Sometimes above steps does not repair everything in your presentation. In this case you should consider a third-party PowerPoint recovery tool. These tools are specially design to repair corrupt PowerPoint presentations.

Conclusion: To get rid of all above steps, you should daily update your backup as it is the best way to prevent file corruption.
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Word File got stuck what to do next?

Are your unable to open a word document, if yes then there are various reasons behind this MS Word Documents behavior. The most common reason is MS Word document corruption. You can try several methods to open your damage documents. Here is the list: 

Method 1: Try to open Damaged Word Document in Draft Mode: 

First you should try to open a document in draft mode. After that when you open the file, you may able to repair corrupt document: Use following steps
1. View menu>>Normal.
2. Tools menu>>Options>>View tab>>Draft Font 

If this solution does not work then try method 2. 

Method 2: Try to Open the File in WordPad:

1.Windows>>Run>>type WordPad>>OK.
2.Now try to open the corrupted document in Wordpad. A dialog box will popup & specify ask for how you want to convert the file. Click to 'No Conversion' button.
3.Now The Word for Windows document is now open as a text file. You may see binary   characters at the beginning and end of the document. Delete these characters. 
4.File menu>>Save As>>type a new name with a .doc file name extension>>OK.
5.File menu>>Exit.
6.Now Restart Word for Windows and open the file that you saved from WordPad.
7.Convert File>>Select Text Only>>OK
8. File menu>>Save As, and save the file in Word format.
9.File Name>> type a new name for the file>>OK.

If this solution does not work then try method 3.  

Method 3: Use the "Recover Text from Any File" Converter:

This converter designed to extract the text from any file. The limitations of this tool is that you can lost Document formatting which is not in text format such as Graphics, fields, drawing objects, and so on. When you will successfully recover document using this converter then there will be some binary data like top & bottom of the document that could not be converted. First you need to delete this data before reformatting & saving your file as a Word document.

If this solution does not work then try method 4. 

Method 4: Use of Advanced Word Recovery Software

You can use these software in both cases when the documents are opening or not. These software easily repair corrupt word documents & files. 

PS: The best way to protect your word document from corruption is to make 2 or 3 backup copy of your word documents.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to fix Error 'Corrupt JPEG data: extraneous bytes before marker...'

From my experiences, Windows Picture Viewer is the best program to view the photos.  But yesterday I faced a issue with Windows Picture Viewer. It produced an error message while I was trying to open my photos in it. The photos file extension was 'JPEG'. After a quick search online, I have found that it is a commonly occurring issue with many users online, all with different-different picture viewer programs. So it is not exactly happen with Windows Picture Viewer. The full error message is: 'Corrupt JPEG data: extraneous bytes before marker...'

Most Common Causes of this error: 

  • This error message means that images have been corrupted. 
  • Issue with Windows Picture Viewer program.
  • If you are using different Picture Viewer program then there is the possibility that issue will be with your Picture Viewer program.  

Most Possible Solutions: 

  • Try to open your images in different picture viewer program. If the pictures successfully open then the problem with your picture viewer program. Try to install it again. 
  • If the issue is not fixed by above steps then your images got corrupted. You can repair your corrupted JPEG files easily by using Third party JPEG Repair tool. These software are very easy to use & can be used after any type of file corruption errors. 
  • You can take help before choosing any software from the following review done by

Useful Tip: If you want to prevent your jpeg file from corruption then clean your computer from viruses and taking regular backups. 

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why PDF File display a blank page

Does your Adobe Acrobat viewer not display your PDF files properly or shows a 'blank white screen' while you are trying to open your PDF file? If yes then here is the list of causes & solutions to resolve this issue: 

  • PDF files are not in a virtual directory
  • Missing Adobe Reader plug-in
  • Older version of Internet Explorer
  • Older web server version that handles PDF files incorrectly 
  • PDF File get damaged

Try following solutions to fix this issue:

  • Disable "view in browser" feature: If you will disable "View In Browser" feature in your Adobe Acrobat viewer then it will force Acrobat viewer to display PDF file outside the browser in a separate window. This approrch fixes the problem in most of the cases but dont work with IE users.  
  • Check If any problem with 'web server': You should try to open PDF file from Adobe's Web site. If PDF file is display from Adobe's Web site, but not from another site it means that another site server may not be configured correctly. 
  • Download PDF to hard drive: Download PDF file in your hard disk and then viewing it in the browser. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later version then use following steps: 
  •    1. Right-click on the PDF file, and then choose Save Target As from the pop-up menu.
  •    2. In the Save As dialog box, specify a name and location for the PDF file, and then click Save.
  •    3. Choose File > Open and click Browse. 
  •    4. Choose All Files from the Files Of Type pop-up menu.
  •    5. Select the PDF file you saved in step 2 and click Open. The Acrobat viewer should open the PDF file inside the browser window.

After downloading the PDF file to hard disk, still the viewer displays a blank screen or returns an error message then it means that the PDF file may be get damaged. In this case please check this post to successfully repair your corrupt pdf file. 

In some cases, this issue gets resolved by downloading and installing the latest version of Adobe Reader. So you can also try this step to resolve this issue. You can easily download Adobe Reader latest version from the Adobe website ( 
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top 3 Excel 2010 Data Corruption Scenarios & Solutions

When your Excel File got corrupted then in this case you are unable to access your file. Excel file get corrupted due to multiple reasons, top three are as follows: 

1. Computer gets crash while working on Excel: 

In your system get crash while you are working on MS Excel then in this case Excel file get corrupt. Next time when you will try to start Excel, it will display a 'Document Recovery' task pane after rebooting the computer. You can use 'Document Recovery' option to save the recovered Excel workbook by using following steps:

  • Position the mouse pointer over the workbook listed in the Document Recovery task pane.
  • Click the drop-down menu beside the document name and click Save As on the pop-up menu.
  • Save the workbook.

2. Excel unexpectedly closed due to power failure:  

If Excel closes unexpectedly due to power failure or some other reasons, in this case excel file get corrupt. You can easily recover your corrupt Excel file by using MS Excel built-in 'AutoRecover' feature. This feature saves copies of all open Excel files at a fixed time interval. This time interval can be set by user at their own choice. By default,  AutoRecover feature is automatically set on your workbook at every ten minutes. You can set this interval by following steps:

  • File tab>>Options
  • Click on save option from the left pane. 
  • On Excel Screen, you will see ''Save Autorecover information every” option with time interval option. You can change it according to your need. 
  • After that click OK button to close the dialog box.

The default location of AutoRecover file is as follows: 

drive:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel

3. Virus infection in Excel File: 

If your file gets infected by virus in this case, the file also gets corrupt. There are some other various reasons of Excel file corruption that are software malfunction, hardware malfunction etc. If your file got corrupted due to these reasons then in this case, you can use 'Open & Repair' option to repair corrupt Excel files. If your file got badly corrupted then there is a chance that 'Open & Repair' option get fail to repair corrupt file. In this case, you can also use one another option that is Third Party Excel Repair Software. These software offer three steps to repair corrupt Excel File:

  • Select Corrupt File
  • Scan Corrupt File
  • Repair Corrupt File 

Hope the article will guide you to handle Excel file corruption in various corruption scenarios. 
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