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I want to move .qbw file to new location. Please help me!

Do you want to move your QuickBooks Company file from your old computer to a new brand computer? Or do you want to move your company file from your computer to laptop where you can work on file from anywhere? If you need this then it is not a big deal! Here you will see three methods to accomplish this task; you may finish with first one or may need to try all three.

1. Backup & Restore: It is the easiest method to transfer your QuickBooks company file from one computer to another computer. QuickBooks backup function saves the entire information that you will need to re-create the company file. You can restore your company file on another computer by following bellow steps:
Make a backup of your QuickBooks company file on computer#1 Copy the backup file to a removable media like USB flash drive, CD or any other. Paste the backup file to a designation computer/laptop#2. Now restore the backup on the computer#2.

Note: All above steps are applicable for QuickBooks 2007 & late…

How to create an awesome Presentation that stands out

You got a new project and want to communicate your team/users/resource management then the best way of communication is presentation. Presentation is the most effective way to communicate and share your thought with million of people in a limited period of time. A presentation can be any type: personal, profession, general purpose and many more. You can make your audience happy or being boring it depends upon you. I have attended so many presentation where people just talk about data that make boring for the audience. So don't put just data in your presentation. You can make your presentation fun by following below points:

Use high quality images 

Don't just put anything in the slide. Images are the most important part of a presentation. Use unique, creative images that describe what you want to convey to the audience. Audience connect image with words. Avoid using images that are unrelated to your content. As we know 'image says a thousand words' so use imag…