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How to convert PSD File to Jpeg File Format

PSD (Photoshop Document) is a layer-based image format which is developed by Adobe Systems Photoshop application. I have edited an image in Photoshop & have many layers, it become very large in size so it is hard to transmit online. In order to make this image transmittable then I have to change it in more portable formats like JPEG. While searching on internet & found that it is very easy process. 
Here are all steps: 
Step 1  Open Adobe Photoshop  
Step 2 Click on "File" in the top menu bar and after that select "Open." Browse the PSD file that you want to convert to JPEG File Format and double-click its icon to open it.
Step 3 Click "File" again and select "Save As."
Step 4 Select the location to save your file and give the file name. Select the "JPEG" option from the Format drop-down menu, and click "Save."
Step 5 Select your image quality and formatting options from the resulting JPEG Options dialog box and click &…

Why you are unable to open a PDF file?

Many users think due to setting on the computer they are unable to open PDF File on their computer but sometimes it has some different causes. I am sharing these caused in details.

PURPOSE: This article outlines and defines the cause of 'why you are unable to open PDF File.'   I am working to identify the root cause of this issue & find out some causes & solutions. Here all are: 


PDF reader is not installed. PDF file is not recognizable. PDF File is get corrupt. PDF File is not open in web browser
PDF reader is not installed: First make sure a PDF reader installed on the system or not & also check that it is working properly or not.   

PDF file is not recognizable: Many times we are unable to open PDF File which is received by mail. It is happens when operating system can not recognize the PDF File. 

Follow the below steps to make sure: 

Right-click the PDF, and then choose Open With > Choose Program. Select Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat in the list of programs…

How to fix Severely Corrupted Word docx File

From last three years, I am using MS Word 2007 and maintain all my documents in Docx format. However, it has been corrupted due to sudden system shutdown during working on MS Word. The file has all my crucial data so I have to repair it at any cost. As I am tech guy & have good knowledge of word so I knows that first I have to understand the cause of docx file corruption before proceeding to any recovery steps. 

Basically a .docx is a .zip archive that containing several .xml files. My docx file get corrupted due to sudden system reboot while I am working on Microsoft Word. When we worked on Microsoft Word, it changes the internal xml files of your document. During this process if the system get sudden shutdown then it resulted to broken docx file. There are some another scenarios in which docx file get corrupted:

Virus or malware attack on your PC can also corrupt docx file. If you are uploading or downloading docx file on internet, at that time the docx file can also corrupt due t…

How to fix excel file corruption error messages

Excel File corruption errors occur when excel files (xls, xlsx) are missing or corrupted. These errors occur in any case suppose you are trying to open your file or want to edit file or many more. Some most common file corruption error messages are:
"Excel unable to read file.."“Filename is not valid.”"This file is not in a recognizable format""abc.xls file cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only"“The File is Corrupt and Cannot be Opened”“Excel found unreadable content in (filename)”“Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close.”
When these messages occur then you can’t perform any task on the file or there is also possibility that the file is unable to open due to these error messages. 
Why these errors occur?
There are number of reasons behind excel file corruption errors but Most of excel file corruption errors are caused by virus attack, software malfunctioning, Power Outages, sudden system shutdown etc.  
But no-fear, there are numbe…

How to Fix PowerPoint Error: PowerPoint can't open file because part of file is missing

Have you ever suffer with PowerPoint corruption error message when you are trying to open PowerPoint file. I have live experience of PowerPoint file corruption. I was trying to open my presentation file; it shows following error message on my screen: 

The error is classic sign of a corrupt presentation. There are many steps to recover corrupt PowerPoint file some are as follows:

1. Create a new blank presentation in PowerPoint, and save it with new file name. Then, go to Format > Slide Design, choose to show all documents, and choose the corrupt PowerPoint file. Check the option to apply it to all slides. Go to next step, if it gets failed. 

2. Now, go to Insert > Slides from File, and select the corrupt PowerPoint file. Make sure you are set to insert all slides, and then import. If it is not work then try repeating the process, inserting specific slides one by one until you find the problem one. After that save the file and also make sure that Fast Save options are off. GO to nex…