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How to repair QuickBooks file that won't open

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software. The software has amazing features like; Report generation, Invoice creation, budget tracking, etc. These features are customizable according to the user’s need. In a case study, QuickBooks has 80% market share with 29 million small businesses. The software helps to companies to stay organised with a large amount of data. With lots of remarkable features, the software is also prone to corruption. Here, I am going to discuss, how you can repair the QuickBooks company file (.QBW) that will not open. Before proceeding to the solution, you should know the reasons for it.

Incorrect method to open the QuickBooks fileOther windows are open in within the fileOpening the QuickBooks file in the wrong versionIssue with the file location, such as access permission for the fileCompressed fileIncorrect file name and file extensionData damage in the file SolutionsUpdate the software: QuickBooks provides the maintenance release to update the s…