Thursday, July 30, 2015

Top 5 Solutions to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

PowerPoint is a very well know tool that comes as a part of MS Office suite. Often people use it to create presentations for different purposes. Generally, PowerPoint files are larger in size and have a complicated file structure due to which they are prone to corruption. It takes a lot of efforts and hard work to create a PowerPoint presentation in MS PowerPoint, but due to corruption it could be useless.

Like every other computer file, PowerPoint presentations can corrupt or also become inaccessible at any time. When a corrupt PPT file starts sending you error messages while opening, it is an indication of corruption, which could be major or minor. Let's check out some common solutions that you can perform on your corrupt PPT files in order to repair them or to retrieve the content.

Solution 1
You can simply move the corrupt PowerPoint to a different location. This is a very simple and useful way to troubleshoot your corrupt PPT file and remove its problems. You can also do it by copy and paste the presentation file on an another hard disk.

Solution 2
In case the above mentioned solution has not resolved your problem, then you can try to open the PPT file in MS word format. Follow the below mentioned steps to do it:

  • Open MS Word document.
  • Go to the File menu and click on Open button.
  • Choose files of type box and navigate to your corrupt file, Open it.
Solution 3
You can also try to open your PowePoint file in Safe Mode. To open your PPT file in safe mode, first you need to run PowerPoint in safe mode. Steps to open a PowerPoint application in safe mode.

  1. Go to Start button.
  2. Choose Run & type 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\MS office version\Powerpnt.exe" /safe'.
  3. Click on OK button.
  4. Now, restart your system in safe mode. To do this run your Windows by holding F8 button.
  5. Open and check your presentation.

Solution 4
Follow the below mentioned steps:

Steps to repair PowerPoint 2010 / 2007

1.      Open a fresh presentation in MS PowerPoint.
2.      Save the presentation.
3.      Now, go to Home tab.
4.      Go to Slide and select Reuse Slides from the drop-down.
5.      Select the Browse button and select a file by selecting Browse File.
6.      select your original PowerPoint file and Open it.
7.      Now, go to Reuse Slides panel, select the Keep source formatting check box.
8.      Right click the first slide in the Reuse Slides panel and choose Insert All Slides.
9.      Save the new presentation and run it again.

Steps to repair PowerPoint 2003 or earlier

1.    Open a fresh PPT file.
2.    Select Slides from Files from the Insert menu,.
3.    Now, browse to your original PowerPoint file from the Slide Finder dialog box.
4.    Choose the Keep source formatting check box.
5.    Select Insert All.
6.    Save your presentation and run it again.

In case the above mentioned method is doesn't work for you, then you can also try the following steps:

1.    Run the PowerPoint file in question
2.    Now, go to File > Save As and choose the type of Web Page (.htm, .html).
3.    Save the file in the same location as your file.
4.    Close PowerPoint.
5.    Now, run the html file in PowerPoint.
6.    Again, go to File > Save As and chose the file type Presentation (.ppt). click Yes, when prompted, it is to overwriting your previous file.
7.    Close it, and run again.

Solution 5

In case none of the above mentioned processes have failed to fix your corrupted presentation, then the only option you are left with is professional utility. Third party tool is the most reliable and recommended way to repair even a deeply corrupt PPT file. There are various PowerPoint repair software available, you just need to choose one and perform recovery process.
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to fix BEX error in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

BEX error is a very common, which occurs due to buffer overflow problem. This error comes with many parameters and user gets an error message on the screen “Application_Name has stopped working”. In this blog, I will give you the solution of this problem for MS Word,Excel and PowerPoint. Take a look on the error message:

Above image shows the BEX error for MS Word.

When a user will click on the “View problem details” option then, a detailed error message will be appear on the screen.

In the above image, Problem Event Name is BEX and second parameter is Application Name and so on. You can read more about these parameters from this article

General solution of the problem

Here I am giving the solution for MS Word but, it is same for Excel and PowerPoint as well. Open MS Word in the safe mode and click on the File option. At the bottom end, user can see the Options as shown in the image below:

Now in the Options category, User can see the multiple options like General, Display, and Language etc. Add-Ins option is also available with these options. When a user will click on the Add-Ins option then, in a right pane a user can see the option to manage Add-Ins. 

Now Select COM Add-Ins and click on the Go button.

Once a user will click on the Go button then, a COM Add-Ins Windows will appear on the screen. Every Add-Ins has a check box which represents the availability of the Add-Ins. In the below image, first Add-Ins is a COM Add-Ins. Uncheck this option and click on the OK button.

Now close the application. Run the application in a normal user mode. This time user will not get this error.

Conclusion: This is very simple and easy way to solve this problem. Any user can follow these steps to solve this error whether a user is technical person or not. I hope this blog will help the users to solve this problem.
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Monday, July 20, 2015

MS PowerPoint – How to fix the error "PowerPoint can’t open of file"

Just think of it!! Whole night you spent in creating PPT for next day meeting but, when you try to open the file at office it says “PowerPoint can’t open of file represented by C:\Users…..” so, what will you do? This is only one situation which I have discussed to you. A user can face the many worst conditions with MS PowerPoint error. As a blogger and reader I always give the importance to PowerPoint presentations but I also faced corruption in the .ppt or .pptx files. In this article, I will discuss the solution to recover from PowerPoint corruption.

There are following ways to solve the problem of MS PowerPoint error:

Move the file to another location:

This is the first solution that, I will suggest to all users. Every program has a default location to save its programs. User can also choose the location to save that file. If user is getting this problem repeatedly then move the .PPT/.PPTX file on the different location and reopen it.

Unblock the file:

Every file has block and unblock option. When a user downloads the PowerPoint file from the web then, it comes with block option. User has to unblock the file to fix this issue. To unblock the file, simply follow these steps:
  1. Right Click on the PPT file then, click on the properties.
  2. In General Setting, User can see Unblock option in Attributes and Security. A message is also presented on this section “This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer” which means file has been downloaded by the external source.
  3. Click Unblock then OK.

Reuse the slides: 

Microsoft PowerPoint gives the flexibility to reuse the slide from one presentation to another presentation. Create a new blank PowerPoint presentation and reuse the slides from corrupt file. In Office 2007, click on the Home Tab then go to the New Slide option as shown in the Image. At the bottom side, User can see the option of Reuse Slides. Click on this option. 

Now click on the Browse option to select the PPT and reuse the slide.

Repair MS Office:

MS office has an in-built function to repair the application. Simply go to Control Panel->Programs -> Programs and Features.  Select the MS Office from the list then click on the Change option.

Now quick repair the program and open your PowerPoint presentation file.

I have discussed some simple techniques to solve the MS PowerPoint error. Try these options to fix the error.
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