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How to fix the Microsoft PowerPoint error “The file is corrupted and cannot be opened”

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful software developed by Microsoft. It is a very important part of the Microsoft Office suite. People use it to represent the information through slides. You can add several multimedia files like photo, audio, video into it to make it more impressive. Sometimes, you try to open your important PowerPoint file and you got below error message.

You can try below five methods to fix this error message:
Method#1 Open and Repair
Open Microsoft PowerPointGo to File tab and click on the OpenSelect the corrupted PPT fileSelect the Open and Repair option from the drop down menu.
Method#2 Component Security Setting
To set the component security setting, follow these steps:

Start RUN, enter dcomcnfg and press the OK button.

Expand Component Services->Computers. Now right click on My Computer and select the Properties.
Choose the Default Properties tab and set the following:
Default Authentication level: Connect
Default Impersonation level: Identify

Click OK and then Yes.…