Friday, May 12, 2017

How to fix Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel

Summary: The blog explains why ‘Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel’ dialog box appears, and how it can be resolved. The solution mentioned in the blog helps bring Excel workbooks to the normal mode from all types of corruption.

While attempting to open the Excel worksheet, a dialog box may appear which reads: “Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel.” which means there is a probability that the workbook you are trying to access have turned corrupt and require immediate recovery.

The dialog box appears similar to the below image and may differ with different Excel versions:

In case, any damage occurs in the file, the good thing is that Excel will automatically start the File Recovery mode.

Automated File Recovery

Automatic File Recovery mode is an exceptional feature integrated into Microsoft Excel. It allows recovering the corrupt workbook without affecting Excel file. Sometimes, Excel fails to start the File Recovery mode automatically; in that case, the user will be required to open it manually.

To open the built-in recovery utility manually, follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the File menu and then select Open
  2. Navigate through the path where folder with corrupt workbook is stored 
  3. Next, in the Open dialog box, select the corrupt workbook
  4. Then select the arrow sign which appears next to Open button
  5. Click on Repair to recover all recoverable data from the corrupt workbook
The File Recovery feature successfully repairs the damage found in the workbook. If neither manual nor automatic repair work or Excel file issue then, you can try some other manual recovery methods to prevent the lost data. Make sure to take some preventive measures to salvage data against accidental deletion or permanent loss.

Additional Workaround to Rectify Excel Errors
  • When Workbook Opens in Excel
If you encounter ‘Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel’, you may still be able to work as normal, but the dialog box will interrupt you in between. If the workbook is open in Excel, revert to the last saved version can help rectifying the problem.
  1. Click on the File menu and then select Open
  2. Now, double-click on the name of the workbook that is open in Excel 
  3. Click on Yes button to reopen the workbook
  4. The workbook will open without any recently made changes that caused the Excel workbook to turn corrupt
  • When Workbook is not Open in Excel
If the workbook has become inaccessible, the following workaround procedure to set the calculation option to manual may rectify the issue. Due to changing the calculation settings to manual, the workbook will not be recalculated, and it may open after that. This may help get rid of the Excel not responding issue. Follow the steps below:
  1. Click on File and then click on New 
  2. Under New option, click on Blank workbook
  3. Then click on File and tap on Options
  4. Under Calculations option in the Formulas category, click on Manual and then OK
  5. Next, click on File and then Open
  6. Locate the workbook and double-click on it to open
Tips & Measures to Prevent Data

The following are a few tips and actions that must be taken into consideration to avoid data loss. Let’s look at each:
  • Auto Save Backup Copy of Workbook
Always remember that you will never run out of data as long as you hold a backup copy of the workbook. Even if the workbook is deleted accidentally or the application itself turns corrupt, you still manage to gain access to incorporated data.
  1. Click on File and then click on Save
  2. Click on Computer and click on the Browse button
  3. In the Save As dialog box that appears, click on the arrow sign next to the Tools and then select General Options
  4. In General Options dialog box, tick the checkbox associated with Always create backup
  • Auto Create Recovery Files at Set Intervals
Recovery of the workbook helps to access the workbook after deletion, inaccessibility, and corruption.
  1. Click on File and then Options
  2. In Excel Options dialog box, click on Save from the left pane
  3. Under Save Workbooks section, check Save AutoRecover information every checkbox and enter the duration of minutes in the box provided. By default, this duration is set to 10 minutes and can be changed 
  4. Next, in AutoRecover file location box, provide the destination path where the saved workbook needs to be saved
  5. Ensure that Disable AutoRecover for this workbook only box is unchecked
The above manual procedures help rectify some errors due to which Excel stops working suddenly. Other than recovering workbooks from minimal and higher intensity corruption, the tool helps turn workbooks to the normal mode from the state of inaccessibility.

Since ‘Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel’ dialog box occurs only when there is something wrong with the workbook; it requires resolving the error to stop this dialog box from reappearing. The dialog box normally appears in the state of corruption, so you can try the given manual procedures.

What if No Manual Workaround Procedure Works? 

In case if nothing seems to help and you consistently get the same error, you can download Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair tool to repair data from the corrupt workbook. The tool can be utilized to repair workbook data from all corruption issues.


So, these are the basic solution to fix the "Microsoft is trying to recover your information in Excel" error. If you know more solutions to fix this issue then please share it in the comment section.
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Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to repair QuickBooks file that won't open

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software. The software has amazing features like; Report generation, Invoice creation, budget tracking, etc. These features are customizable according to the user’s need. In a case study, QuickBooks has 80% market share with 29 million small businesses. The software helps to companies to stay organised with a large amount of data. With lots of remarkable features, the software is also prone to corruption. Here, I am going to discuss, how you can repair the QuickBooks company file (.QBW) that will not open. Before proceeding to the solution, you should know the reasons for it.

  • Incorrect method to open the QuickBooks file
  • Other windows are open in within the file
  • Opening the QuickBooks file in the wrong version
  • Issue with the file location, such as access permission for the file
  • Compressed file
  • Incorrect file name and file extension
  • Data damage in the file 


  • Update the software: QuickBooks provides the maintenance release to update the software by fixing the issue, adding and enhancing of features, etc. Update your software by the latest update. To check the software version, press F2 from your keyboard. Product information windows will be open. You can also check the latest updates from here.
Follow these steps to update the software
    1. Go to File->Close Company/Logoff. Do it for all company (If you have more than one company).
    2. Now, Right-Click on the QuickBooks desktop icon.
    3. Choose, Run as Administrator.
    4. Now click on Help->Update QuickBooks.
    5. Go to Options tab, select Mark All button and Save.
    6. Go to Update Now tab, click on Reset Update and hit the Get Update button.
    7. After completion of the update, a message will appear on the desktop to close the QuickBooks.
    8. Now open QuickBooks desktop and if, you get the message to install the update then click on Yes.
    9. After that, restart your computer.
  • Check the file properties: Here is the quick way to check the company file properties
    1. Right click on the company file and select Properties.
    2. Check the file type i.e. QBW and the size. The size should be greater than or equal to 7MB.
    3. Under the Advanced tab, verify that Compress and Encrypt options should be unchecked.
    4. Click OK.
  • Rename the Company file: To rename the company file, 
    1. Right-click on file.
    2. Select the Rename option.
    3. Try to give a short name (not more than 3 letters).
    4. Do not change the file extension.
    5. Press Enter to save the file with new name.
    6. If the .tlg file is present then, give it the same name as company file. 
  • Turn-Off the multi-user hosting: Sometimes, multi-user access creates the problem in file opening and shows the error:
To stop this, go to the File menu->Utilities and check for the Stop hosting multi-user access. Follow the instructions of the message prompt.
  • Use rebuild data utility: Whenever you face the situation to rebuild the data then, do it in this manner:
    1. Take the backup of your data file
    2. Verify the data file
    3. Rebuild the data file
Note: If rebuild does not help, you then make sure about the data file location on your local machine. QuickBooks also adamant to locate the data file in C drive. Suppose your data file is present in another drive “D” in your system but it’s shared so, in this case, QuickBooks could have an issue with the rebuild. So, copy your data file into C drive and after completion of the rebuild, move the data file back to its previous location. 
  • Try QuickBooks File Repair Tool: One reason can be data corruption and Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks® software repairs the corrupt QuickBooks data file. The software is very simple to use and repairs the QBW created in 2007 to 2017. Read the steps to repair corrupt company file by using this software below:
    1. Download the QuickBooks file recovery software and install it.
    2. There is a Select File button on the interface to select the QBW file. You can also find the file from a particular drive by using Find button. To do so, select the drive from the drop-down list and press the Find button.
    3. After selecting the file, click Scan File button.
    4. Follow the steps to see the preview of company information, Employee information, vendor information, etc.  
    5. To save the file, create a blank qbw file to store the recovered data. 
Conclusion: I get the feeling that; you have so many solutions to fix this problem. I also think that some silly mistakes are also the reason of this issue and you should be aware of them. Always take the backup because it is very helpful in troublesome cases.
The good news is that, if all manual methods fail to fix the problem then you have a QuickBooks repair software, which is safe and secure.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How to fix the Microsoft PowerPoint error “The file is corrupted and cannot be opened”

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful software developed by Microsoft. It is a very important part of the Microsoft Office suite. People use it to represent the information through slides. You can add several multimedia files like photo, audio, video into it to make it more impressive. Sometimes, you try to open your important PowerPoint file and you got below error message.

You can try below five methods to fix this error message:

Method#1 Open and Repair

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Go to File tab and click on the Open
  • Select the corrupted PPT file
  • Select the Open and Repair option from the drop down menu.

Method#2 Component Security Setting

To set the component security setting, follow these steps:

  • Start RUN, enter dcomcnfg and press the OK button.

  • Expand Component Services->Computers. Now right click on My Computer and select the Properties.

  • Choose the Default Properties tab and set the following:

Default Authentication level: Connect
Default Impersonation level: Identify

  • Click OK and then Yes.
  • Open MS PowerPoint again and open the corrupted file.

Method#3 Check the Trust Center Setting

Quickly check the trust center by the following steps:

  • Open MS PowerPoint
  • Go to File tab and select Options
  • Select the Trust Center and press the Trust Center Settings button as shown in the figure.
  • Now select the protected view option, disable the first option “Enable Protected View for files originating from the internet”, and click on OK.

 Method#4 Insert slide into blank presentation

  • Create a blank presentation
  • Go to the Home tab and check the New Slide option
  • Click on the Reuse Slides option
  • Now select the slide of corrupted presentation from Browse option.

After doing this, all slides except the slide master will insert into the new presentation.

Method#5 Save the presentation in RTF

By this way, you can recover at least the important content from the presentation.

  • Open the presentation, then choose Save As option
  • Save the RTF from Save File As Type
  • Choose the file name and location for it and save it

Methods#6 Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair Tool

  • Download Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair tool and install it.

  •  Select the corrupted PowerPoint file. The software supports PPT, PPTX and PPTM files.

  • Press the Scan button to start the scanning process. 

  • After completion of the repairing process, you can see the preview of your corrupted file

  • Save the repaired file. 

Conclusion: These are the best solutions to repair corrupt PowerPoint file. It is a suggested to make a copy of your corrupted presentation and try the repairing methods on it. If you know more methods to fix this problem then please share with me.
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Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to Repair JPEG Files After Recovery?

Do you like photography? If yes, then this blog is for you. It doesn’t matter you are a professional photographer or shutterbug because this blog is helpful for all users who want to secure their photographs.

A quote by Robert Frank -

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.

JPEG Image

We capture the photos by camera and called memories. I was travelling from Paris to Amsterdam with a photographer Jason and, he shared his few experiences related to corruption in photographs with me. Jason lost his photos and tried a recovery program to recover them. A recovery program can recover the deleted data, but there is no guarantee that all recovered data are same as before.

He recovered all the pictures but had some damaged or unreadable JPEG images. He repaired them by using a JPEG repair software. The software name is Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair so when I reached to my destination, then rethink about the issue that he shared with me. Fortunately, I got time to check the software. Before proceeding to the product information., let’s check the few symptoms of the corrupt photos:

Photos are not opening, and an unavailable preview is not the only sign of a photo corruption. You can also check the following:

  • Half or full grey lines over the photos
  • Different colour patterns on photo
  • The picture is separate into two parts etc.

So, these are the few symptoms of JPEG file corruption.

  • I downloaded and installed software on my system. After completion of installation process, the main interface of the software appeared.

  • You can see the Add File button in the middle. By this button, you can select the corrupt JPEG file. After clicking on this button, you can choose the corrupt photos. 

  • I selected some photographs for repairing. These photos are the list with lots of information like path, Size, Modified Date and, created date.

  • In the bottom, there are two buttons to add and remove the files. 

  • I clicked on the Repair button to start repairing process. 

  • In the left-hand site, there is a preview pane to see the preview of repaired photos.

  • To save the repaired file, I clicked on the save button, and dialog box appeared to register the tool

  • I clicked on Yes button and registered the tool successfully. 

I contact to Jason and also share my experience with him. In my case, the photos were present into the system. Jason said he had corrupted photos in pen drive and external hard disk. He copied the photographs from pen drive and external hard disk into the system then, repaired them.


So this my experience with Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software. I also shared the experience of a photographer (Jason) who has little bit different scenario. The important thing is output, and in both the cases, they were great. If you have any query regarding this blog then, post your comments in the comment section.   
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Monday, November 21, 2016

ThanksGiving Data Recovery & File repair Bundle for Windows User

Stellar Data Recovery is a leading data recovery company. It has more than 2 million customers across 190 countries. On this Thanksgiving; the company is offering a super saver bundle at discounted price. You will get eight products for the price of one. These are the award-winning products and very useful in recovering lost data.

List of the products on this super saver package are:
  • Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery ($49.99): This is one the best photo recovery software to recover lost or deleted photos, audios, videos, and other multimedia files. With a user-friendly GUI and advanced features, this software facilitates digital media recovery from even corrupt or formatted hard drives, USB drives, digital cameras, memory cards, and other external storage media devices. 
  • Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair ($39.99): This software can repair corrupt JPEG/JPG file in few simple steps. It supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Its user-friendly interface makes the repairing process easy and simple. 
  • Stellar Phoenix Video Repair ($69.99): This is the most powerful tool to repair corrupt video files. It supports multiple video file formats like WMV, ASF, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, 3GP and compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP & Vista.
  • Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone ($49.99): It recovers deleted iMessage, iCloud backup files, lost call history, deleted contacts, deleted notes and, safari bookmarks, etc. It works on iPhone 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s and, 4.
  • Stellar Phoenix Repair for PDF ($49.99): It repairs corrupt PDF file created in Adobe1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7. The Very simple procedure makes this tool user-friendly and error-free. The software is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. 
  • Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair ($49.99): Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair repairs corrupt MS Excel files of MS Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000. This powerful software is compatible with 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP. The best part of this software; it doesn’t alter or modify and records of an original file. 
  • Stellar Phoenix PDF to Image Converter ($29): PDF to Image converter tool is also the part of this bundle which convert PDF file in JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF & TIFF format. The software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and, XP. You can find the file from the particular drive or folder and convert it very easily. 
  • Stellar Phoenix Audio Video Converter ($24.99): Stellar Audio Video Converter software can do audio to audio conversion, video to video conversion and video to MP3 conversion. 

Conclusion: Stellar Data Recovery is the trusted name in the field of data recovery industries. It might be possible that you do not need this data recovery and file repair bundle for Windows nowadays but I am sure you will need it in coming future because storage media are prone to corruption, who knows when your favourite drive fail and you may lose your valuable data. So I suggest to you bought this bundle for future. It is the right time to have it. I may be wrong but 2 million users could not be wrong.
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Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to Troubleshoot Damaged QuickBooks Data

QuickBooks is an accounting software. In other words, you can say it is a money management software that uses the file of .qbw file extension to store data. This blog outlines the solution to repair damaged QuickBooks data file. With the help of these troubleshooting steps you will be able to fix the problem.

  • Restore from the backup: Yes, your backup can be superhero here and restore your data. If you have clean and updated backup then it is the time to use it. 

Note: Make sure your backup is latest otherwise you will lose the recent change or update of your data.

  • By creating new company file: You can replace your old company file with the new one. You can export the information such as; customer, vendors, account chart, etc. into newly created file. This method will help to avoid the future problem and improves the performance.

Read these points related to troubleshooting

  1. Open the computer where actual company data file is stored
  2. Do not perform rebuild action over the network. Run the Rebuild utility on the same computer where company data file is saved. It will protect the data from further damage
  3. Do not try to abort or cancel Rebuild utility 
  4. Work in single user mode. To change the user mode, go to File menu, choose Switch to Single-User mode
  5. Create backup of company file and login to company file as Admin

Re-sort the lists

QuickBooks stores the important data in the form of lists and every particular customer or employee has an entry in the list. Here are the steps to re-sort the list:

  • In Banking Menu:
    • Go to Banking->Write Checks
    • Click on Pay to the order field and press CTRL+L to open the Master Names list
    • Select Include Inactive checkbox
    • Click the Name (drop-down) and select Re-sort List option
    • Click OK
  • If you do not have Banking permission:
    • Go to Edit->Find
    • Click on Advanced tab
    • Select Name in filter box
    • Click in Name field and press CTRL+L
    • Select Include Inactive checkbox. Note: If there are no inactive names it will be grayed out.
    • Click the Name (drop-down) and select Re-sort List option
    • Click OK

Run the Rebuild Data Utility

Rebuild utility can repair the list and transaction in the company file. To execute the Rebuild utility, follow these steps:

  1. Go to File->Utilities->Rebuild Data
  2. You will get the completion message of Rebuild Data process. Click OK
  3. Run the Verify Data to check the persisting data damage.

Use QBWIN.log file

The log can be very helpful to resolve data loss issue. Here is the detailed instruction to perform this:

  • Open the QBWIN.log file
  • Find the BEGIN VERIFY by using CTRL+F and find the last entry. It will help to find most recent entry
  • Find LVL_ERROR and copy and paste it into help search
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Run Verify Data to check the existing data damage

Use Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks software

This software is the alternative of all QuickBooks data file repairing options. Simply download this QuickBooks file repair tool and repair corrupt qbw file. Only three simple steps: Select, Scan and, Repair can fix any QuickBooks data file corruption.

So, choose the appropriate option to troubleshoot the damaged QuickBooks data. If you have more options which will suit for this situation the share with me. 
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Three Most Common Excel Issues and their Solutions

Summary: In this article, I will discuss three MS Excel errors and their solutions by the smart way. These are very simple tips that explain how a user can leverage Excel problems.

MS Excel is a useful application for the home user as well as the business user. It plays an important role differently on different sectors. A school teacher can use it to maintain student records where a data analyst can use the function and formulas to find the appropriate output. Three common errors that I will describe in this blog are:
  • Excel file is corrupted and cannot be opened
  • Microsoft Excel is not responding
  • Unable to save Excel file (User issue)
These errors can occur in MS Excel 2016, 2013,2010, 2007, etc. Let’s discuss them.
  • Excel file is corrupted and cannot be opened
This error message also Occurs in so many Excel version including MS Excel 2016. Users complain that when they update their MS Office (example: from 2007 to 2010) then got this error. User can fix this error by following ways
  1. Change the protected view setting: When a user upgrades the MS office then, changes in protected view setting has occurred by default. User need to change the setting back to solve this problem and to do so:
    1. Go to File-> Options.
    2. In Excel Options window, Choose Trust Center option.
    3. Click on Trust Center Setting button.
    4. Now select the Protected View option. Uncheck all the options and click OK.
  1. Change the component service setting: Follow the steps
    1. Open run command prompt (Press Windows + R) and type dcomcnfg and click OK.
    1. Now, a user can see three portions. Double click on computer folder which is located in the middle section. In My Computer logo, click right and select Properties.
    2. Go to Default Properties tab; tick marks the Enable Distributed COM on this computer. Set the Default Authentication level as Connect and Default Impersonation Level as Identify. Click OK. See the image below
  • Microsoft Excel is not responding error
This error message is also very frustrating for MS Excel User. Suddenly, Excel works slow and show the not responding message. User can solve the error by following methods:
  1. Change default printer: The question must be, how can change in default printer setting fix this problem? When a user opens the MS Excel file then, application tries to communicate with the printer to figure out the margins supported by default printer. Excel crashes when communication fails. Change the default printer by following steps:
    1. Open Control Panel.
    2. In Hardware and Sound section, click on View devices and printers.
    1. Choose the printer, right-click on it and select Set as default printer option. For example, right click on “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” and make it default printer.
  1. Excel in safe mode: Add-ins became disabled in safe mode. Press Windows+R key to open command prompt. Type Excel.exe /safe to open excel file in safe mode. After opening in safe mode follow these steps:
    1. Go to File tab-> Options.
    2. Select Add-ins.
    3. Select COM Add-ins and click on GO button.
    1. Uncheck them and click on OK button.
  1. Repair MS Office: Repairing MS Office is more solution for this error. Only follow these steps:
    1. Open Control Panel.
    2. In Programs section, click on Uninstall a program link.
    3. Select the Office program the list, right-click on it and select change option.
    4. Select the radio button for Repair option and press Continue.

  • Unable to save excel file: There are several reasons behind this error like; user right, drive space issue, lost connection, confliction with an anti-virus program, shared Excel file, path limitation and, Excel file template with embedded objects, etc. Methods to fix this problem are:
    1. Save the file by new name: try this
      • Open Excel file.
      • Select Save As option.
      • Save the file by using a unique name.
      • Open the new file.
    2. Save the file in HTML format: Repeat the three steps of the above solution but, select file type as Web Page. By this method, a user can retrieve the data of the file.
    3. Change the file location: Change the file location and open it from the new location.

One common solution these three problems

There is a common solution to fix these errors. Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair is a third party Excel Repair software. It can fix these errors in a secure manner. The user can try the free demonstration of this tool.

The bottom line: I described the standard solutions of these three most common Microsoft Excel errors. At last a tool for the same. I hope the user can fix them by using these methods and they won’t be a nightmare. Comments and suggestions are accepted.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

How to Fix MS Word Unreadable Content Error?

I read a question on a forum. A user has a word document with some unreadable content. He shared his document on google drive and given that link on the question. I downloaded that document and tried to check it. I opened the document and got the following error message:

I read out the details section and click on the OK button. Again I got an error message from Microsoft Word “Word found unreadable content in Your_filename. Do you want to recover the contents of this document? If you trust the source of this document, click Yes”. 

I clicked on Yes button to open the file. 
The Word document has 20 pages and 90% content was in the readable form. Some mathematical equations were in unreadable form and to repair them I perform the following methods:
  • Open file using Zoho Writer: Zoho writer is fully featured word processing program on the cloud. I logged in from Google drive account and tried to open that shared file using Zoho writer and click Continue button for further process. I clicked on Download button but it didn’t download the file. So it didn’t work for me and I moved for the next option.
  • Open file using Lumin PDF: This option is also available on Google drive. I opened the document using Lumin PDF. After completion of the loading process, I saw the file in PDF format. All unreadable contents were readable so I downloaded the file. After that, I converted the PDF file into a Word Document and sent it to the user. 
Important Note: It would be possible that Lumin PDF will not load the document in one attempt so, try to open the file 2 or 3 times. 

More about MS Word unreadable content error 
If Word document is damaged, then you may get the unreadable content error message on your screen. There are so symptoms of damaged document:
  1. It hangs or freezes
  2. Closed automatically
  3. Doesn’t saves the document
  4. Showing not responding error message
  5. The user becomes unable to open it etc.
More solutions to fix the error
  1. Open and Repair:  Try open and repair option first to repair this error. Go to File, click on open, select the damaged file and select Open and Repair option.
  2. Change the document format: Try to change the format of a word document to Rich Text Format (.rtf). If you have only text in the document, then you could also try the Plain Text (.txt) format.
  3. Check the Add-Ins setting: COM Add-ins may be the reason of this problem so check these Add-Ins. Go to File->Options->Add-Ins->Com Add-Ins and click OK. Now delete them and try to open your document.
  4. Open in safe mode: Try to pen MS Word in safe mode. To open the document in safe mode, hold the CTRL key and open your MS Word document. 
  5. Third-Party Tool: A third party tool like Stellar Phoenix Word Repair is one of the best and safe technique to fix corruption of a Word document. Download and install the software and select the damaged file to repair. 
Conclusion: Always take a secure step to repair the document and, take a backup of it. I have discussed some possible solution with you and, if you have any quick tips or methods to fix the error then share with me. I will include it if find it feasible for the user. 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to fix MS Excel blank worksheet issue?

Blank Excel file problem is a very irritating situation. In this case, you will be unable to see the content of the file. Here, I am going to share some solutions to fix this issue.

Before proceeding any methods, try Open and Repair option to fix the issue. when open and repair option not works then, try these options:
  • Copy the file from one location to another location and try to open it. 
  • Rename the file or change the file extension. 
If you are not able to fix the issue by these solutions, then try them:
  1. Ignore Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE): Some applications can interrupt MS Excel to open the worksheet or Excel shows blank worksheet. With DDE option, Excel can share the information with other applications. 
To stop this process, go to File->Options->Advanced. Check the General section and check the “Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)” and click OK to save the setting.

  1. Check Add-Ins Setting: Turn-off the COM Add-Ins of Excel program.
    1. Open MS Excel
    2. Go to File->Options
    3. Select Add-ins option and, choose COM Add-Ins
    4. Click on Go button
    5. Uncheck them and click OK.

  1. Check File Association: Reset the Excel file association to check the system performance. To do this, follow these steps:
    • For Windows 8
      1. Go to Control Panel
      2. Click on default program->set your default program
      3. Click on Excel, then select choose default for this program
      4. A set program association screen will appear, choose Select All and click on Save.
    • For Windows 7
      1. Open Control Panel and go to Default Programs
      2. Click on Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program
      3. Choose Microsoft Excel Worksheet and the change program
      4. Recommended Program->Microsoft Excel
  2. Repair Office: One solution to fix this issue is, repairing of MS Office program. You can easily do this by following these steps:
    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Click on uninstall the program
    3. Select MS Office from the list
    4. Right click on it and select Change option
    5. Now choose the Repair option and click on Continue button.
  1. Disable Hardware Acceleration: Sometimes, a display issue is also occurred by the hardware graphics acceleration. The symptoms of this interruption are: blurry Office program, Screen flashes, the document not displayed well, Program crashes, reduction in program performance etc. To disable the hardware graphic acceleration in MS Excel, follow these steps:
    1. Go to File->Options->Advanced
    2. Under Display section, “Disable hardware graphic acceleration” option is available. Check the option click on the OK button.

If above options won’t work then, you can give a chance to Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair tool. It is a third-party tool which is able to repair all types of Excel file error.

Conclusion: This blog described the five solutions to fix the blank Excel file issue. It is also possible that, the issue is fixed by either one method or more than one. Close the background process and delete the unwanted Add-Ins from the list for the fast and efficient working of MS Excel.   
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Simple Tips to Fix Bookmark Not Defined Error

Bookmark not define error occurs in the large size word document. The main reason of this error is broken link to into the bookmark. It is also related to TOC (Table of Content) and some user complaint this error during updating of TOC. The complete error message is:

Error! Bookmark Not Defined.” or “Error! Reference source not found.

Important Tip: If you get the same error then press Ctrl+Z to undo action. It works instantly on the document but not worked when you perform any other operations and save the document.

Let’s see some reliable solution to fix it!

Solution 1:

If you are trying to merge the content into a new document, then unlink them before doing it. This process converts TOC field to actual text and tries to prevent it from any update. If you want to update the TOC, you must reinsert it.

Steps to unlink the table of contents:

  1. Place insertion point within the table of contents.
  2. Press ctrl+shift+f9 (for Windows), or the command key+shift+f9 (for Macintosh).

Solution 2:

Open MS word and go to File option. Now click on Options. Select Advanced and check Show bookmarks option under Show document content category and click OK.

After selection this option, you will be able to see the bookmark of the entire document. For a block of text, it looks like a square bracket.

Solution 3:

If you are not in the hurry, then write down the complete text then insert a table of content after merging to the new document. You can also reinstate missing bookmarks as well as the earlier displayed result.

Solution 4:

A third-party tool can be very useful if, the above solutions don’t work. Stellar Phoenix Word Repair software is a very secure way to fix Bookmark not defined error. It supports MS Word 2013 version to 2000 version and compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 and, NT4(SP6).

The repairing process is very simple with this DIY software. Download Stellar Phoenix Word Repair then select the corrupt document and repair it.

Note: Demo version is also available for this software and tries its demo version first before buying the software.

Conclusion: Fix the error with the help of these solutions and always try any repairing process on a copy of the actual document. If you have any question and suggestion related to this error, then share with me.

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