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5 Easy steps to fix Password Protected PDF File Corruption

Sometimes PDF user adds password permission to PDF file to prevent it from unauthorized access. To open these files, you must first enter the password. If you don't have password then you cannot open these files. Sometimes a password protected PDF file becomes corrupted & you are unable to open these files. In some cases, When you opened and downloaded these files, it display an error message on screen “file is corrupt or damaged”. 
NOTE: If you don't know the password & you want to repair password-protected corrupt PDF File then you must contact the person that created the pdf set password permissions to fix corruption.
You can use following three possible methods to repair corrupt pdf file:
1. First open Adobe Reader. After that try to open the file from the FILE pull-down menu. In some corruption cases, it fixes the error. 
2. Right-click on corrupt pdf files and try to "Rename” it. Save in with any other file name. Sometimes, this step fixed the PDF file corruptio…

How to fix Error -6000, -305: when opening a company file

If you are using Intuit's QuickBooks for your accounting purpose then you may got this error message when you are trying to open your company file:

Error -6000, -305

If you are getting this error you might not be able to open your company file in any case.

Two main reasons behind this error:

1) Company file might be corruptted or damaged.
2) An issue with the QuickBooks networking setup

There are multiple solutions to resolve this error message:

1) First download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor. The tool will help you to detect QuickBooks data damage & repair it.

It the tool doesn't repair it, you have three more options to resolve this:

a. Restore from good backup copy of company file: If you have backup then this option is one of the best option to resolve this error. You can select this option from the main menu bar, select File and then Restore.

b. Verify Data and Rebuild Data help users to you find and repair damaged  company file. You can select this option From the ma…

3 Best Solutions To Repair Corrupt Word Document

Microsoft Word documents can be corrupted in many situations such as hardware malfunction, software malfunction, virus attacks, corrupt during writing, reading, storage, transmission, or processing word file etc in most of the cases when word file get corrupt then the file becomes inaccessible or sudden corruption error message comes on the system screen.  This article will explain 3 best solution to easily repair your corrupt word documents.
1. Use Open and Repair
Microsoft Word offers an Open And Repair inbuilt option, which you can use to force Word to attempt a recovery. To try this option, use following steps: Open Word, select File–> Open
Choose the corrupted file (but don’t open it yet). After that you will see the “Open” option, there is a little drop-down arrow. Click on this and change the option to “Open and Repair”, then click on it.
2. Open Office a free office suite 

It is free & compatible with word documents. To try this option, use following steps:
- First download O…

How I Fix : “Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment”

I am sharing my personnel experience on how I have solved this error: “Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment”. As per my experience this was the MOST frustrating error which I ever faced. I was getting bad copies of my pictures when copying it from my memory card to the computer. I became aware that something went wrong with my pictures because all pictures wouldn't open in picture viewer. I got few different error descriptions, like 'corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment' or 'Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x00 0x00'.
I thought maybe picture viewer was crapping out on me, then I tried to open the pictures in photo editing application but the problem remain same!! Pictures would open but the bottom of the pictures would be corrupt.

After that, I thought maybe that hard drive is crapping out on me...I started copying photos to a different drive but still the problem remain same!!
After a long search on forums & blogs, finally I got three solutio…

How to Recover unsaved Word Document (2010/2007/2003/2002)

Have you ever closed word document without saving. I am sure every single user will do this once in a life. MS word provides an option to setup auto recovery of documents. This can be happen in any version of Word document.
To repair Word 2010: You can use two methods:
1)  First Method:

File menu>>click Recent>>Click Recover Unsaved Documents.

2) Second Method:
Select File > Options > Save>>Select the Save AutoRecover information every … Minutes

Once it done, set the time interval to something like 20 min or 30 min as per your requirements. Then, Select the "Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving" check-box. After that Browse and select another location if you do not like the default autorecover file location. Click OK to save the settings.
Just like word 2010, you can also use autorecover feature in Word 2007, 2003, 2002. But the steps are little bit different. Here are all steps:
Word 2007
1.Microsoft Office Button>>Word Options.