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Why Word 2013 crash on startup, print and exit

If MS Word 2013 crashes on the startup or after exit or when you perform any function on your word file such as select to print, formatting text then there might be an issue with some registry keys on your computer. But it all depends on what function you are performing on the Word. Here are all possibilities:  

Word 2013 crashes when starting: 

If word crashes on the startup then you should start word in safe mode to find out the exact cause of the issue. To do so, use following steps:

Select Run from the Windows Start menuType winword.exe /a Click OK

If it starts, then the issue is due to registry data key, or something located in the Office startup folder. Use following steps to fix these issues: 

The one of most common cause of startup problems is template corruption. So first delete the template.To fixing registry data key problems, you should consult to Microsoft Office Update Support page.

If Word is unable to start in safe mode or above two steps also get failed then you …

How to Share your presentation Online in PowerPoint 2013

If you to want to meet your client in real time to create a PowerPoint presentation, it was not possible in PowerPoint till now. To make it possible, Microsoft introduced a free public service that is Office Presentation Service in PowerPoint 2013 that creates a complete real time collaboration experience. Lets have a look of this feature:

Sharing a PowerPoint file:

Share your presentation by click on File > Share > Present Online & then select Office Presentation Service then Select the Enable remote viewers to download the presentation check box and click Present Online as shown in figure. This feature enables your client to download the presentation and view the slides on their own.

To send your meeting invitations to your clients, click on Copy Link to copy and paste the meeting hyperlink as shown in picture. Through this, your clients can access it, such as in a Skype chat window. Alternatively, you can send this link through email by selecting 'Send in Email' opti…