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Windows XP - Backup Your Data and Avoid Data Loss

Maintaining backup of data is the most important task that user can performs in his/her computer. A data can be anything and present in any form on user computer like Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, file, folder, notepad document and many more. If you don’t maintain backup copy of your data, you may risk of data loss.

Hard drive failure is the most common cause for the data loss from the computer; it stores the data that you save in your computer. It has been seen that there are some viruses program that not only affect the computer but delete the important files and folders. So it is very important to use an effective anti-virus program and update it continuously.
Backup Your Data: Backup is like second life of data so it is very important to backup your data, here you will learn about how to backup data on Windows XP machine. I am running Windows XP professional, version 5.1 in my computer

Steps to Backup:To complete the backup of your data, you need to per…