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Use compact and repair utility to repair corrupt MS access database

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If you can't open MS access database files or some of records are get deleted then most probably your access database get corrupted. There are several reasons for database corruption, due to bad network hardware or interruption in MS access operations like write, open or save. Access database have an in-built utility to deal such type of corruption situation. This utility is known as Compact and Repair utility, it repair the corrupted area of access database. It can help you at some extent; if this utility can't help you then you need to use access repair software.What is Compact and Repair Utility
Compact and Repair utility must be used at regular intervals in order to safeguard the information stored in a database. The compact process makes sure you reclaim the unused space, created by object and record deletions, in an Access database file. Compacting a database is necessary, since the objects and records are deleted, then only the space avail…

How to Fix QuickBooks Errors While Connecting to Access Database

Linking with access databases is a very easy process but it become difficult at some point of time while QuickBooks database get corrupted or connectivity is not properly done. QuickBooks database will not open properly in both situations. In both cases QuickBooks database will become inaccessible for the user and in worse case user may face data loss situation. If you have backup of QuickBooks data then you can avoid data loss situation. Otherwise you need to use QuickBooks recovery software to get back your data.

You can't run any query on database table to access data from QuickBooks database and not able to see information in the QuickBooks table, if access database is not properly linked with access database.

Here are some sample messages:

“QuickBooks has detected a potential problem in your data file. Please restart QuickBooks and open this company file. From the Windows menu, choose Close All. Then, from the File menu, choose Utilities, and then choose Verify Data. C = 43.”