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How to Repair JPEG Files After Recovery?

Do you like photography? If yes, then this blog is for you. It doesn’t matter you are a professional photographer or shutterbug because this blog is helpful for all users who want to secure their photographs.

A quote by Robert Frank -

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.

We capture the photos by camera and called memories. I was travelling from Paris to Amsterdam with a photographer Jason and, he shared his few experiences related to corruption in photographs with me. Jason lost his photos and tried a recovery program to recover them. A recovery program can recover the deleted data, but there is no guarantee that all recovered data are same as before.

He recovered all the pictures but had some damaged or unreadable JPEG images. He repaired them by using a JPEG repair software. The software name is Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair so when I reached to my destination, then rethink about the issue that he shared with me. Fortunately, I got time to che…

ThanksGiving Data Recovery & File repair Bundle for Windows User

Stellar Data Recovery is a leading data recovery company. It has more than 2 million customers across 190 countries. On this Thanksgiving; the company is offering a super saver bundle at discounted price. You will get eight products for the price of one. These are the award-winning products and very useful in recovering lost data.

List of the products on this super saver package are:
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery ($49.99): This is one the best photo recovery software to recover lost or deleted photos, audios, videos, and other multimedia files. With a user-friendly GUI and advanced features, this software facilitates digital media recovery from even corrupt or formatted hard drives, USB drives, digital cameras, memory cards, and other external storage media devices. Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair ($39.99): This software can repair corrupt JPEG/JPG file in few simple steps. It supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Its user-friendly interface makes the repairing process easy and si…

How to Troubleshoot Damaged QuickBooks Data

QuickBooks is an accounting software. In other words, you can say it is a money management software that uses the file of .qbw file extension to store data. This blog outlines the solution to repair damaged QuickBooks data file. With the help of these troubleshooting steps you will be able to fix the problem.

Restore from the backup: Yes, your backup can be superhero here and restore your data. If you have clean and updated backup then it is the time to use it. 
Note: Make sure your backup is latest otherwise you will lose the recent change or update of your data.

By creating new company file: You can replace your old company file with the new one. You can export the information such as; customer, vendors, account chart, etc. into newly created file. This method will help to avoid the future problem and improves the performance.
Read these points related to troubleshooting

Open the computer where actual company data file is storedDo not perform rebuild action over the network. Run the Reb…

Three Most Common Excel Issues and their Solutions

Summary: In this article, I will discuss three MS Excel errors and their solutions by the smart way. These are very simple tips that explain how a user can leverage Excel problems.

MS Excel is a useful application for the home user as well as the business user. It plays an important role differently on different sectors. A school teacher can use it to maintain student records where a data analyst can use the function and formulas to find the appropriate output. Three common errors that I will describe in this blog are:
Excel file is corrupted and cannot be openedMicrosoft Excel is not respondingUnable to save Excel file (User issue) These errors can occur in MS Excel 2016, 2013,2010, 2007, etc. Let’s discuss them.
Excel file is corrupted and cannot be opened This error message also Occurs in so many Excel version including MS Excel 2016. Users complain that when they update their MS Office (example: from 2007 to 2010) then got this error. User can fix this error by following ways
Change …

How to Fix MS Word Unreadable Content Error?

I read a question on a forum. A user has a word document with some unreadable content. He shared his document on google drive and given that link on the question. I downloaded that document and tried to check it. I opened the document and got the following error message:

I read out the details section and click on the OK button. Again I got an error message from Microsoft Word “Word found unreadable content in Your_filename. Do you want to recover the contents of this document? If you trust the source of this document, click Yes”. 

I clicked on Yes button to open the file.  The Word document has 20 pages and 90% content was in the readable form. Some mathematical equations were in unreadable form and to repair them I perform the following methods: Open file using Zoho Writer: Zoho writer is fully featured word processing program on the cloud. I logged in from Google drive account and tried to open that shared file using Zoho writer and click Continue button for further process. I clic…

How to fix MS Excel blank worksheet issue?

Blank Excel file problem is a very irritating situation. In this case, you will be unable to see the content of the file. Here, I am going to share some solutions to fix this issue.

Before proceeding any methods, try Open and Repair option to fix the issue. when open and repair option not works then, try these options:
Copy the file from one location to another location and try to open it. Rename the file or change the file extension.  If you are not able to fix the issue by these solutions, then try them:
Ignore Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE): Some applications can interrupt MS Excel to open the worksheet or Excel shows blank worksheet. With DDE option, Excel can share the information with other applications.  To stop this process, go to File->Options->Advanced. Check the General section and check the “Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)” and click OK to save the setting.

Check Add-Ins Setting: Turn-off the COM Add-Ins of Excel program.Open MS ExcelGo to F…

Simple Tips to Fix Bookmark Not Defined Error

Bookmark not define error occurs in the large size word document. The main reason of this error is broken link to into the bookmark. It is also related to TOC (Table of Content) and some user complaint this error during updating of TOC. The complete error message is:

Error! Bookmark Not Defined.” or “Error! Reference source not found.
Important Tip: If you get the same error then press Ctrl+Z to undo action. It works instantly on the document but not worked when you perform any other operations and save the document.

Let’s see some reliable solution to fix it!

Solution 1:

If you are trying to merge the content into a new document, then unlink them before doing it. This process converts TOC field to actual text and tries to prevent it from any update. If you want to update the TOC, you must reinsert it.

Steps to unlink the table of contents:

Place insertion point within the table of contents.Press ctrl+shift+f9 (for Windows), or the command key+shift+f9 (for Macintosh).
Solution 2:


5 Powerful Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 6177

Error 6177 occurs when QuickBooks software does not recognise the path to open the company file. This is the primary reason but, other reasons can also be cause for this error. Let’s discuss some important solution to fix this error.
Solution 1:Move your company file to hard-driveChange the location of your company file from a server or any other drive to C drive.Now open the file from there.Create a portable file and save the company file in local drive.Close the company file.Now, restore your portable file from C drive and save to server.Select company file and open it from server. 5-powerful-solutions-to-fix-quickbookSolution 2:Update the QuickBooks version

Visit the product page of QuickBooks and update with the latest release.Always update all the updates: manual & automatic to protect the QuickBooks from unwanted error.Solution 3: Manually Fix
Follow these steps to manually fix the QuickBooks error 6177

Open the folder that contains company file and search the Network Descript…

Miracle of IFERROR Function in MS Excel

In this blog, I am going to share my knowledge on iferror() function. Let’s take an example to understand in a better way.

iferror() Function

It is one of the most useful logical function of MS Excel which worked on logical values (True and false). It checks the initial expression and returns an error or we can say returns the second argument. It comes under top 10 formulas of MS Excel. This function is not available on earlier versions of MS Excel 2007. The basic syntax of this function is:

IFERROR(value, “value_if_error”)
value: Expression for testing.Value_if_error: Error value returned by the function. It evaluated the following error types: #N/A, #VALUE!, #REF!, #DIV/0!, #NUM!, #NAME?, or #NULL!.
Important Notes:

For empty value, it will be an empty string (“”) not an error.If user won’t write any message in value_if_error string (“”) then, no error message will be displayed.
We have numbers here, Numerators and Denominators. In the last row, we have total sum of these numbers.

5 Common QuickBooks Errors & Solutions

QuickBooks are used by several businesses, but most of them cannot use the program correctly. You might have lost some of your valuable data due to some errors in the QuickBooks. You need not fret! In this blog, we will discuss about the 5 most common QuickBooks errors and their solutions.

You might have encountered different QuickBooks errors that has affected the information you had saved on the QuickBooks file. In this post we will be discussing the common errors and how to resolve them. Here are the 5 common QuickBooks errors:

QuickBooks Error 1306QuickBooks Error: -6144, -301QuickBooks Error 1606QuickBooks Error H101, H202, H303, and H505Income Account: The specified Account does not exist in the list
Let us discuss the errors and their solutions in detail –

QuickBooks Error 1306
You might have noticed that when you tried to install any update for QuickBooks, an error 1306 is displayed on the screen, which reads - Another application has exclusive access to [filename].

This error i…

Nailed the Excel file error: data may have been lost

Sometimes it is difficult to fix few MS Excel file related errors and file error: data may have been lost is one of them. Generally, this error occurs due to compatibility issue or corruption in MS Excel file. You should not ignore this error message because it can compel you into a severe data loss. Let’s see some possible solutions to fix this error:

Open Excel file in safe mode: We have two options to open MS Excel in safe mode. Using Command: To open excel file in safe mode, press Windows key + R, and type following command and press enter: Excel.exe /s. Note: There is a space between Excel.exe and /s. Next, open the file in safe mode.Manual: Go to Options->Add-Ins. In Manage option, click on Disable Items and click on Go button. After pressing Go button, the items will be listed in the disabled item list. You can enable them so it will help to reopen the Excel file.Rename the File: Rename the excel file and try to open it once again. If the problem still persists, then change t…

Fixing QuickBooks Error 6000, 816

While working with QuickBooks, a user may encounter error 6000, 816 on their screen, owing to which they will not be able to access the QuickBooks company file. In this article, you will learn the reasons for this error code and how you can fix it. So let’s begin identifying the reasons first as this will help troubleshoot the error code.

What are the possible Reasons for Error 6000, 816?

QuickBooks generates this error message when it is unable to open the QuickBooks company file. It can happen due to several reasons such as:

Specified company file is already in use by another user.File might be corrupt or damaged.Specified file is not supported.Third-party application.
(-6000,-816): QuickBooks is unable to open the file because the file is in use by another person or damaged or not supported.

Troubleshooting Methods for Error 6000, 816: There are several troubleshooting methods available to fix the error, though it largely depends on the root cause.

Close QuickBooks using Task Manage…

How to fix QuickBooks Error -6190, -816 like an expert

Users may get the different errors while working on the QuickBooks and one of the most common error is -6190, -816. Here I am going to describe the reasons for this error and possible solutions to fix it.

Mismatch between the .qbw file and .tlg file.Another user is logged in single user mode.Data corruption in QuickBooks data file.
These are the few reasons which can be responsible for this error. To fix this issue, check the following solutions:
Solution 1: Mismatch .tlg file Check the name of .tlg file. Its name should be the same as company data file.If it is not same as company file then, right click on the .tlg file and rename it.Solution 2: Another user logged in Ensure that, all users have been logged out.Restart the computer.Copy your data file into local drive then copy it back to its original location.Now open the file in QuickBooks.Solution 3: Data Corruption
If the corruption is in the data file (.qbw) then you can use QuickBooks Repair software. Stellar Repair for QuickBooks…

Different JPEG errors and their solutions

JPEG is very famous native media format and it is used by the people of different fields like designers, photographer and, students etc. It is a well-known format so no needs to introduce it. I had few photos in JPEG format and few of them were looking messy when I opened them. Well, being as an IT professional, I love to find and execute new ideas so I read about the common errors of JPEG and write this blog for you.

JPEG error #53 

This Error may occur by the following reasons:

Due to insufficient memory on the disk.Availability of bad sectors.Damaged file header.Improper SD card removal from the device which has JPEG images.When a user clicks the picture and battery is low.
Solution: Try to open the file in Paint or Photoshop and resave it. It may fix the error.

JPEG error #42

Generally, this error occurs due to the size of the file or when a user saves the file at 100% quality.

Solution: Save the file in less than 100%. Some points of quality are given below:

Low – 10%Medium – 30%High …

A conversation on repairing a Corrupt Excel File

I attended a tech seminar a few months ago and stop by a conversation that had stuck with me through the months. The conversation was going between two tech guys; you can call them Excel expert and Mark. Mark is my good friend; he is a tech blogger who loves to play with technology, gadgets, and participates in all tech seminars organized in the city. Here I am sharing those conversations with all of you.

Seminar organizer was introducing the entire guest with all of us. Most of people silently concentrated and listening the organizer while Mark and Excel expert were busy in conversation. I can’t ignore that conversation because I was seated next to the Mark. Initially I thought they were disturbing me but I was wrong. They were talking about Excel file corruption.

Mark: My Excel file is corrupt, when I try to open the file got error message. File is very important for me because it has a lot of contact details of my friend. I am updating this file from last six years without any prob…

A Useful Program for Windows Backup files Recovery

Windows backup file exists in the three file formats (BKF, ZIP and VHDX) and these formats depend on the version of operating system. In Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, backup file is created in VHDX format. The ZIP file is created in Windows 8/7/Vista and BKF file is created in Windows 2003/2000 and XP. Backup files are the best way to get the data back but what will happen when your backup file got corrupted? To know the answer just stays on the blog and I will tell you the solution to repair the backup files.

There are so many tools are available for windows backup file recovery but I found a single tool which is able to repair all types of backup files. The tool name is Stellar Phoenix Windows Backup Recovery and it is developed by one of the best data recovery firm. Let’s check the recovery process step by step:

Step 1: I downloaded the tool from official website

Step 2: Now I installed on my machine.

Step 3: The software interface automatically opened after competition of the installa…

How to resolve excel format error

Microsoft Excel is very helpful for the user because it gives the capability to create spreadsheet to organize the data in a correct way. Sometimes when a user performs an inappropriate action then it throws errors. Excel format error is a very common error for excel users but you should be aware of its reasons and solutions. Generally, it occurs when user completed the work and tries to save the file. This error doesn’t allow to the user to save the file and by this, a user can lose the important data.

An insight about the error

“Too many different cell formats” – this error comes many times when a user format a cell or the cell ranges in Excel 2003. The complete error message looks like this:

Too many different cell formats.
Excel encountered an error and had to remove some formatting to avoid corrupting the workbook.

In MS Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013, the formatting error looks like this:

Excel found unreadable content in the file.

I downloaded a file from the web and got the same error…

Solve the QuickBooks Error -6144 -82 in Few Simple Steps

QuickBooks is accounting software created by Intuit and helps to manage the business finances in one place. It is used by more than 1.3 million users in the world because it comes with the country edition. Intuit also provides the support for QuickBooks files. As there are many features in this software so the small corruption or error can turn into a huge disaster. Some errors are update related which is caused by the following reasons:

Multiple instances of the QuickBooks on the single system. (Example: QuickBooks Enterprise solution 7.0 and premier edition 2007)Firewall or internet security related setting

According to Google Adwords Monthly Searches, the QuickBooks error -6144, -82 is searched by many users. This error occurs for the following reasons:
If QuickBooks .TLG (Transaction Log File) or .ND (Network Data) files are damaged.If the user permission has not been set up to share the company file
Let’s discuss the solutions to troubleshoot this problem one by one:

Solution 1: To…

ZIP Recovery – Corruption Reasons and Solutions to Fix Zip File

When you want to share a large file with others then ZIPfile is the best way to do it. It is based on data compression concept with .zip and .zipx file extension. It makes easy to download files, email attachment and shared documents.

To check its data compression power, I created a ZIP copy of my working folder and compare with the real folder. The original size of the folder was 424 MB while the ZIP file size was 179 MB which is less than half of the original folder size. Now it looks great to share it to anyone.

As we seen the power of ZIP file but it is also true that zip files are prone to corruption as of other file formats. ZIP file can corrupt or damaged due to various reasons from the power failure to virus attack. You can get several similar reasons that are the culprit for corruption online. Here, I have tried my best to list all possible reasons that may corrupt a working zip file. If, you know other reasons then share with me through comment. As always, I love to hear fr…