A conversation on repairing a Corrupt Excel File

I attended a tech seminar a few months ago and stop by a conversation that had stuck with me through the months. The conversation was going between two tech guys; you can call them Excel expert and Mark. Mark is my good friend; he is a tech blogger who loves to play with technology, gadgets, and participates in all tech seminars organized in the city. Here I am sharing those conversations with all of you.

Seminar organizer was introducing the entire guest with all of us. Most of people silently concentrated and listening the organizer while Mark and Excel expert were busy in conversation. I can’t ignore that conversation because I was seated next to the Mark. Initially I thought they were disturbing me but I was wrong. They were talking about Excel file corruption.

Mark: My Excel file is corrupt, when I try to open the file got error message. File is very important for me because it has a lot of contact details of my friend. I am updating this file from last six years without any problem. I don’t want to lose my friend’s details. Can you please help me in opening my file?

ExcelExpert: Yes mark; definitely I will try my best to help you. Can you please tell me, what is the current version of your MS Excel and file Excel version?

Mark: I am currently using MS Excel 2007 and file is created using same version.

ExcelExpert: Ok, so there is no any compatibility issue with the file. Mark; have you tried to repair your file?

Mark: No, what is this? I don’t know about this. Can you please tell me more about this?

Here I was more concentrated on their conversation because I too don’t know anything about repairing a corrupt Excel file. I just had forgotten that I had seated in a seminar and listening their word by word conversation.

Excel Expert: Microsoft offers an Open & Repair command to repair corrupt or damaged Excel file. It is very effective in repairing low level of corruption. You can try your luck with it. If it fails then I know a tool (Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair) that can repair your file but it is a paid software and you have to pay $39 to save the repaired file.

Mark: Ok, thanks a lot for help. I will try your suggestions after the seminar.

If you have a corrupt Excel file and don’t know about Open & Repair then I have described it for you.

  • Open Microsoft Excel and click on the ‘File’ tab.
  • Now click on the ‘Open’ and select your corrupt file.
  • There is an arrow (↓) next to the open button. Click on it and choose ‘Open & Repair’.
  • A pop-up will be appear that offers three options: Repair, Extract Data, & Cancel.
  • Click on ‘Repair’ button to repair the file.


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