How to fix BEX error in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

BEX error is a very common, which occurs due to buffer overflow problem. This error comes with many parameters and user gets an error message on the screen “Application_Name has stopped working”. In this blog, I will give you the solution of this problem for MS Word,Excel and PowerPoint. Take a look on the error message:

Above image shows the BEX error for MS Word.

When a user will click on the “View problem details” option then, a detailed error message will be appear on the screen.

In the above image, Problem Event Name is BEX and second parameter is Application Name and so on. You can read more about these parameters from this article

General solution of the problem

Here I am giving the solution for MS Word but, it is same for Excel and PowerPoint as well. Open MS Word in the safe mode and click on the File option. At the bottom end, user can see the Options as shown in the image below:

Now in the Options category, User can see the multiple options like General, Display, and Language etc. Add-Ins option is also available with these options. When a user will click on the Add-Ins option then, in a right pane a user can see the option to manage Add-Ins. 

Now Select COM Add-Ins and click on the Go button.

Once a user will click on the Go button then, a COM Add-Ins Windows will appear on the screen. Every Add-Ins has a check box which represents the availability of the Add-Ins. In the below image, first Add-Ins is a COM Add-Ins. Uncheck this option and click on the OK button.

Now close the application. Run the application in a normal user mode. This time user will not get this error.

Conclusion: This is very simple and easy way to solve this problem. Any user can follow these steps to solve this error whether a user is technical person or not. I hope this blog will help the users to solve this problem.


  1. I faced this problem and I use the add-ins solution. it works. thanks a lot :)

  2. Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  3. Thank you for sharing!! it worked perfectly!

  4. Hello this solution work very fine !!
    It doesn't have any side effect

  5. Thanks for the feedback! Keep reading

  6. THANX its working

    1. Good to know that, it worked for you.

      Keep reading!

  7. I cannot launch in safe mode either - same BEX error. Same for Excel also. Other ideas?

    1. Please share the complete error message so, it will be easy to give you the suggestion.


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