MS PowerPoint – How to fix the error "PowerPoint can’t open of file"

Just think of it!! Whole night you spent in creating PPT for next day meeting but, when you try to open the file at office it says “PowerPoint can’t open of file represented by C:\Users…..” so, what will you do? This is only one situation which I have discussed to you. A user can face the many worst conditions with MS PowerPoint error. As a blogger and reader I always give the importance to PowerPoint presentations but I also faced corruption in the .ppt or .pptx files. In this article, I will discuss the solution to recover from PowerPoint corruption.

There are following ways to solve the problem of MS PowerPoint error:

Move the file to another location:

This is the first solution that, I will suggest to all users. Every program has a default location to save its programs. User can also choose the location to save that file. If user is getting this problem repeatedly then move the .PPT/.PPTX file on the different location and reopen it.

Unblock the file:

Every file has block and unblock option. When a user downloads the PowerPoint file from the web then, it comes with block option. User has to unblock the file to fix this issue. To unblock the file, simply follow these steps:
  1. Right Click on the PPT file then, click on the properties.
  2. In General Setting, User can see Unblock option in Attributes and Security. A message is also presented on this section “This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer” which means file has been downloaded by the external source.
  3. Click Unblock then OK.

Reuse the slides: 

Microsoft PowerPoint gives the flexibility to reuse the slide from one presentation to another presentation. Create a new blank PowerPoint presentation and reuse the slides from corrupt file. In Office 2007, click on the Home Tab then go to the New Slide option as shown in the Image. At the bottom side, User can see the option of Reuse Slides. Click on this option. 

Now click on the Browse option to select the PPT and reuse the slide.

Repair MS Office:

MS office has an in-built function to repair the application. Simply go to Control Panel->Programs -> Programs and Features.  Select the MS Office from the list then click on the Change option.

Now quick repair the program and open your PowerPoint presentation file.

I have discussed some simple techniques to solve the MS PowerPoint error. Try these options to fix the error.


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