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You Can Repair Corrupt PDF File

PDF or Portable Document Format is most popular and trusted file format used to share information without the fear of hampering the original content included in the PDF file. To read a PDF document the user needs to install Adobe reader (Adobe reader is free software developed by Adobe systems). However, at times a PDF file gets corrupt due to various reasons and thus starts displaying incomprehensive or unknown characters on the screen which are unreadable by a normal user. To overcome such situations of inaccessibility of precious PDF file, one needs to use third-party PDF repairsoftware.
The situation of losing accessibility of the precious file is always very frustrating and thus to get over this situation it is required to understand the basic causes by which a PDF file gets corrupt:
Causes of PDF Corruption:
There can be various reasons of PDF corruption, some of which are:
Improper or incomplete download or upload of PDF file can corrupt it. Virus infection is another reason b…

Resolving “Word was unable to read this document” Error and Recovering Your Precious Word Document

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Have you ever faced a situation in which your Microsoft Word document suddenly starts showing junk characters when you try to open it? Or at times you become unable to open the Word file? These are the clear indications of Microsoft Word document corruption! In addition various messages indicating corruption of Word document flash on your screen when you attempt to open a corrupt Word document. These are the unexpected data loss situations and happen to knock out valuable Word doc completely from your computer without any prior notice. However, if you have the backup of your Word document then you can very easily get over this problem but in the unavailability of proper backup third-party Word repair tool can do the needful. Consider a practical scenario wherein you encounter the below mentioned error message while trying to open one of your most crucial Microsoft Word2003 document: “Word was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt.Try one or more of the fo…

How to Solve PDF file Error Message “File does not begin with %PDF”

While working with PDF (Portable Document Format) file you may have faced several types of errors. Some of these errors occur due to virus attack, permission settings and improper download. When you download PDF files from internet, then there is high probability that PDF file may get corrupt. In the case of PDF file corruption you may receive several types of errors such as “File does not begin with %PDF”. This error will pop up at the time when you are trying to open a corrupt PDF file. Sometimes this error will not allow you to open PDF file. Then you need to apply some good method or advanced PDF repair tool to repair corrupt PDF file.
Here I am explaining few methods which you can apply to overcome from above written error message. There can be several causes of this error message, so we must have to apply all written methods one by one if exact cause is not confirmed.

First of all check and confirm the correct file format (.pdf). If you are using IE (Internet Explo…

Troubleshooting guide to recover Damaged Excel Workbook

Just think you were working on some important excel data and calculation to make your final presentation ready which is schedule within next couple of hours. In case you lost all the excel data which you have prepared from long working hour and you do not have saved it. What will be your situation in such condition?
MS excel provide an option to recover last saved data. If you are working on a excel sheet and accidentally your computer system gets shutdown due to power failure, no ups backup or some malware attack on system etc. In such unscheduled shut down there is 99% chances that you may lost the data in excel sheet on which you were working if it was not saved well in time. Your Excel data sheet can get corrupt and there is a possibility that you could not access same excel sheet.
Below written method will help you to recover last save data from corrupt excel sheet.
If you can't open excel sheet then use this method:
1. Start Excel and open a blank workbook if one is not o…

How to solve “Could not complete you request because it is not a valid Photoshop document” PSD file Error

While working on Adobe Photoshop, some time you get several type of errors “PSD file corruption” errors are one of then. Some time when you try to open a photoshop file (.psd) you get a error message which “Could not complete you request because it is not a valid Photoshop document”. This message means that your file is not in proper format which can be recognize by photo shop. This means that header part of your photoshop file is get corrupt, damaged or changed thats why photoshop not able to open it. In this case you need to apply some method to fix header part of your .psd file or use PSD repairsoftware.

Here I am explaining a real case which is faced by one of my friend. He have same problem, he try to compare hex code corrupt PSD files with normal PSD file. He found that due to unknown reason, Photoshop is adding few extra bytes in the beginning of PSD files at the time when you save. The same photoshop give error when you try to PSD file created with it. Since signature of PSD…

How to solve “This document may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete)” JPEG image error

JPEG image or any file type images are very sophisticated, If one pixel of your image get damaged or corrupt then that portion of image will get change. If header part of your image gets damaged then your image will not open. There are several reasons for corruption of JPEG images like virus attack, improper system shutdown etc. In the case of JPEG file corruption you need to repair it with some good JPEG repair software to access your image properly. These are some error messages which you may get in the case of images corruption. Different image viewer will show different message. In Windows Explorer “No Preview Available”.
Windows Picture & Fax Viewer will show “Drawing Failed” message.
Adobe Photoshop will show “This document may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete)” message.
In IrfanView “Can't read file header! Unknown file format or file not found!”.
Adobe Photoshop “Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is …

How to solve QuickBooks Error Code: 20890 78242

While working on QuickBooks, you may have experienced several types of error messages such as alert message, some may be warnings and some may be problem messages. In the case of problem error messages, QuickBooks may do not allow you to work properly. Even in some cases QuickBooks could not open. There are several reasons for these errors like QuickBooks not installed or updated properly, virus attack and QuickBooks database corruption etc. Intuit define each error with a code and offer some sort of solution and tools for each one, Repair data utility is a in build tool for QuickBooks repair and fix damaged file error codes. Here I am explaining QuickBooks error code 20890 78242 which is actually faced by my friend. He is using windows server 2003 SP2 and QuickBooks enterprise solution 11.0. He updated his QuickBooks version from 10.0 to 11.0. For a week or so it works perfect but from past few days he is continuously getting “Error Code: 20890 78242” and he have to always click “Do…