You Can Repair Corrupt PDF File

PDF or Portable Document Format is most popular and trusted file format used to share information without the fear of hampering the original content included in the PDF file. To read a PDF document the user needs to install Adobe reader (Adobe reader is free software developed by Adobe systems). However, at times a PDF file gets corrupt due to various reasons and thus starts displaying incomprehensive or unknown characters on the screen which are unreadable by a normal user. To overcome such situations of inaccessibility of precious PDF file, one needs to use third-party PDF repair software.

The situation of losing accessibility of the precious file is always very frustrating and thus to get over this situation it is required to understand the basic causes by which a PDF file gets corrupt:

Causes of PDF Corruption:

There can be various reasons of PDF corruption, some of which are:

  • Improper or incomplete download or upload of PDF file can corrupt it.
  • Virus infection is another reason behind PDF corruption.
  • Incompatible PDF creation or conversion software.
  • If a PDF document is uploaded or downloaded on various systems then there is high priority of its corruption.
  • Abrupt system shutdown while working on a PDF file can also corrupt this file.
  • Sometimes bad download due to interrupted internet connection or lengthy download also corrupts a PDF file.

Whatever be the cause of PDF corruption, the ultimate result is we lose accessibility of our valuable PDF file. To get back the accessibility of our PDF file or to repair the corrupt PDF doc we need to use third-party PDF recovery software. There are various third-party PDF recovery tools available online. These software can repair the PDF file without changing their original formatting. One of the advance and efficient PDF recovery software is Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery Software. This software repairs corrupt or damaged PDF file without modifying its original formatting and content such as forms included, headers-footers, clip art, word art, charts, shapes, tables, etc.
By using this powerful PDF recovery software, we not only can repair our corrupt or damaged PDF file but we can also remove restrictions such as restrictions for copying, editing, or printing PDF file and extract images from PDF documents. If we have forgotten the location of the corrupt PDF file, then the software also gives us an option to search the PDF file. In addition this software is compatible with PDF1.3, PDF 1.4, PDF1.5, and PDF1.8 and supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2003. So, if your PDF file has also corrupted due to any reasons then using Stellar Phoenix software is the best option to get it back intact.


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