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Repair Corrupt Excel File to Save at Network Location

You may have faced an error message while saving your Excel workbook that says MS Excel cannot access the location where you are trying to save the file. In this case, the file is not saved and it leads to a pure case of data loss. If you have updated data backup then you can recover lost data very easily. However, in the absence of proper updated backup, you can still retrieve data of the Excel workbook with the excel repair software.

Consider a scenario where you have an Excel workbook to be saved to a network location. While the book is cut paste in the desired location on a network, you have an error message that says:

"Microsoft Excel cannot access the file 'Network path'”. You may receive this error message for the following reasons:

The file name or path does not exist.
The file you are trying to open is being used by another program. Close the document in another program and try again.
The name of the book is trying to save is the same as the name of …

How to repair corrupt word file when MS word fail to repair

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Every computer user face MS word corruption problem due to any of the one reason behind this it may be saving the file when you are running out of resources, with a corrupt template, or while working with master documents, nested tables, etc. Recover Text Converter is a feature included in MS Office suite of applications that allows us to recover text from any file corrupt MS Office. This feature can retain headers, footers, footnotes and any form of simple text but not able not able to convert images, fields, drawing objects etc. In some cases of corruption, it may be possible that the Recover Text converter is not able to identify the type of corruption. This can result in the loss of valuable information stored in the corrupt Word file, which in turn requires you to go for the repair of the Word by using trusted word repairsoftware.
For example, you have MS Word 2000 Standard Edition installed on your system. When you are trying to open a Word file with "Re…

Cycle Redundancy Check Errors – Try BKF Recovery

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Cycle Redundancy Check (CRC) arise when BKF file get corrupt or damage during backup transfer period. It is an important activity to take daily backup of your files to keep the record. This activity you can’t avoid or ignore it is vital to save your data as backup. This way you can prevent your important data from any major system errors or system failure on daily basis. In MS Windows users can create data backup using the inbuilt NTBackup tool and files get saved as Microsoft Backup Files (BKF) format. These BKF files help to retrieve data if it is lost from other locations. But, there it is also possible that NTBackup data may get damaged or corrupt. Once NTBackup get corrupt then BKF Recovery tool is helpful.

BKF Files may get corrupt due to Interrupted/or Incomplete backup process, due to unexpected or improper system shutdown, may be Application malfunctioning fault, CRC (Cycle Redundancy Check errors), due to Media read error or Virus attac…

How to Recover Data from Corrupt BKF files

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Deadly virus attacks take place badly and corrupt hard disk data. It become quite complex to delete a file infected with virus. A bitter truth about the BKF file is that it may also infected by the virus. Once a backup file gets corrupt or damaged then it may lead to several problems. Complete data of BKF file becomes inaccessible. It gets even corrupt due to virus infection. But it is important to keep patience and no need to worry, as problematic situation can be handled easily. If you have proper backup then data can easily access. In case your BKF file gets corrupt which contains the data from backup then the possibility of holding another backup is far less. Therefore, in such pathetic situations, a third-party BKF repairtool can be used as a perfect solution.

Consider a scenario. Suppose that the BKF file is infected with malicious viruses. Today, several viruses completely destroyed computer applications. Even the backup file is also damaged. The virus can …

How to Fix Error Code 0x8001008 of Corrupt JPEG Files

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JPEG file format is most used format for photos which are used by digital cameras and other digital photographic image capturing devices. JPEG or JPG is a compressed format of digital photos. JPEG files format is very popular because it provides smooth and realistic images with variation of tone and colour. But these secure JPEG image files may also get corrupt like other photos and files. You may get 0x8001008 error message sometime when you are trying to open JPEG files in your digital camera or any other storage device. When JPEG image is logically damaged then this type of error arises. Each and every photo contains some special memory of your life and you don't want to loss these photos at any cost. To avoid such situation it is advisable to you always take backup of your special photos so that recovery of photos gets easy from backup. Suppose due to error 0x8001008 the backup photos get corrupt, now what to do to recover it? You can …

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 16026

Loosing valuable accounting data may create negative effect on your business. It is actually a disastrous situation for your accounting Data Company if you are not able to access your valuable data from QuickBooks files which have the records of one or more than one year due to lost or damaged of file. In the data corruption situation in quickbooks your main goal is to repair quickbooks files. QuickBooks repair can be done effectively with the help of a third party QuickBooks repair software file.
Consider a scenario. Sometimes, due to virus attack, many attempts to download quickbooks file get failed. This is a faulty incomplete download of quickbooks files which make .qbw file corrupt and you will receive a following error message while accessing it.  
"Error 16026"
Above error message pop up every time you make an attempt to download.
Causes that are responsible for the occurrence of above error message are:
1. some connectivity problems that prevent access to the Intern…

How to open damaged or corrupt PDF files

PDF files have several benefits over normal word documents like pdf files can publish on Internet, send through emails, can viewed on computer of any configuration. PDF files have advanced security features that help users to prevent data from unauthorized modification. PDF files have option by which you can disallow users to copy your content. But there may be chances that PDF files also get corrupt due to improper downloading/uploading, editing. These files may get corrupt through virus and Trojan. Pdf repair is required to repair corrupt pdf files by pdf recovery software.

When you try to open corrupt pdf files, it will not open and an error message will pop up “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired”. The main reason of above message is improper downloading/uploading of pdf files or virus attack. If pdf files get corrupt then you need powerful pdf recovery software to repair it.

Repair PDF file: It is very simple to repair corrupt pdf…