Monday, October 31, 2011

Repair Corrupt Excel File to Save at Network Location

You may have faced an error message while saving your Excel workbook that says MS Excel cannot access the location where you are trying to save the file. In this case, the file is not saved and it leads to a pure case of data loss. If you have updated data backup then you can recover lost data very easily. However, in the absence of proper updated backup, you can still retrieve data of the Excel workbook with the excel repair software.

Consider a scenario where you have an Excel workbook to be saved to a network location. While the book is cut paste in the desired location on a network, you have an error message that says:

"Microsoft Excel cannot access the file 'Network path'”. You may receive this error message for the following reasons:

The file name or path does not exist.
The file you are trying to open is being used by another program. Close the document in another program and try again.
The name of the book is trying to save is the same as the name of another document that is read-only. Try saving the workbook with a different name. "

When it came to save the workbook in another place, he received another error message which reads as follows:

"Document not saved"

Receive the above error messages when you performed the following activities:

Saving files to a network drive and connection to the network drive is lost
Your workbook contains some of the PivotTable, Visual Basic for Applications module or embedded objects such as clip art.

To resolve the problem discussed in the previous text, add PivotTableNetworkResiliency and NetworkResiliency subkeys in the registry by performing the following steps:

Click 'Start' to 'Run'
Go to the "open box" and click 'OK'
Expend items on the left panel and click on the folder 'Options'
Go to 'Edit' and 'DWORD Value', click on the "New" option
Type "NetworkResiliency 'and press ENTER
Double-click the icon that says "NetworkResiliency '
Go to the box "Value data" and type '1 '
Click 'OK'

However, even after performing the above steps, you can still get the error messages and that problem can still exist. In this scenario, you need to use excel recovery software to repair corrupt excel file.
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How to repair corrupt word file when MS word fail to repair

Microsoft Office Word 2007Image via Wikipedia
Every computer user face MS word corruption problem due to any of the one reason behind this it may be saving the file when you are running out of resources, with a corrupt template, or while working with master documents, nested tables, etc. Recover Text Converter is a feature included in MS Office suite of applications that allows us to recover text from any file corrupt MS Office. This feature can retain headers, footers, footnotes and any form of simple text but not able not able to convert images, fields, drawing objects etc. In some cases of corruption, it may be possible that the Recover Text converter is not able to identify the type of corruption. This can result in the loss of valuable information stored in the corrupt Word file, which in turn requires you to go for the repair of the Word by using trusted word repair software.

For example, you have MS Word 2000 Standard Edition installed on your system. When you are trying to open a Word file with "Recover Text from Any File", you may receive the following error message on the computer screen:
"Word encountered file corruption while opening. Part of this document may be recovered. Attempt recovery now?"
After you click "Yes" comes back the same error message.
"Recover Text from Any File” converter is not able to understand and interpret the type corruption in Word file.

This would make your Word file inaccessible and you may lose all the valuable information stored in file. To overcome this situation you can repair the damaged word file by using an updated backup. If you do not have a backup, you must follow the steps below resolution.

You can try any of these steps to resolve the problem,
Try saving the file in RTF format and then convert that file in to Word format. RTF file format helps keep all the formatting from the original Word document.
If you still have corruption after you save the file in RTF format, you should try to save in other file formats those are supported by MS word.
If you have identified the region of corruption in the Word file, copy the rest of the file contents to a new document. Then save and reopen the damaged file in Text format. Copy and paste the contents remaining in the new document containing the undamaged part of your file. Apply formatting styles.
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cycle Redundancy Check Errors – Try BKF Recovery

CRC PressImage via WikipediaRedundancy of HLR, case: two HLRs, both are ac...Image via Wikipedia
Cycle Redundancy Check (CRC) arise when BKF file get corrupt or damage during backup transfer period. It is an important activity to take daily backup of your files to keep the record. This activity you can’t avoid or ignore it is vital to save your data as backup. This way you can prevent your important data from any major system errors or system failure on daily basis. In MS Windows users can create data backup using the inbuilt NTBackup tool and files get saved as Microsoft Backup Files (BKF) format. These BKF files help to retrieve data if it is lost from other locations. But, there it is also possible that NTBackup data may get damaged or corrupt. Once NTBackup get corrupt then BKF Recovery tool is helpful.

BKF Files may get corrupt due to Interrupted/or Incomplete backup process, due to unexpected or improper system shutdown, may be Application malfunctioning fault, CRC (Cycle Redundancy Check errors), due to Media read error or Virus attack or any other insufficient condition which create any critical situation data backup.

An error that I am going to discuss about is the CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error. CRC is essentially an error-checking method in data communications where a CRC character is produced at the transmission end. The value of this character depends upon the hexadecimal value of all the ones in the data block. This check is used to validate a data block’s integrity. This error reflects if some bytes inside the file get overwritten due to any reason. It may be you attempt to restore the bkf files and get a CRC error which mostly happens while restoring a BKF file which is originally saved over network. Even after you have received such error, bkf recovery is possible and is very simple with Stellar Phoenix BKF Recovery Software.

Cyclic Redundancy Check error shows up in the situations where your BKF gets damaged while transferring it from network to the system for restoration of data or the catalog files are missing. Use Stellar Phoenix BKF Recovery Software to solve the issue and to properly retrieve data in its original form from the BKF files. It is an efficient yet cost-effective way to end all your CRC troubles.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Recover Data from Corrupt BKF files

A hard disk drive with the platters and motor ...Image via Wikipedia
Deadly virus attacks take place badly and corrupt hard disk data. It become quite complex to delete a file infected with virus. A bitter truth about the BKF file is that it may also infected by the virus. Once a backup file gets corrupt or damaged then it may lead to several problems. Complete data of BKF file becomes inaccessible. It gets even corrupt due to virus infection. But it is important to keep patience and no need to worry, as problematic situation can be handled easily. If you have proper backup then data can easily access. In case your BKF file gets corrupt which contains the data from backup then the possibility of holding another backup is far less. Therefore, in such pathetic situations, a third-party BKF repair tool can be used as a perfect solution.

Consider a scenario. Suppose that the BKF file is infected with malicious viruses. Today, several viruses completely destroyed computer applications. Even the backup file is also damaged. The virus can destroy the BKF file to a point more. Let us know what to do? When file corrupted due to virus attacks:

The file data cannot be displayed.
Characters of the file are not in readable form.
Sometimes the file infected with the virus has not been opened.

Mentioned below are the preventive measures that can be used to prevent the file from a virus attack.

What to be done to avoid data loss:

Never install the system hardware that is infected with virus.
Always scan files downloaded from Internet before.
Make use of the latest anti-virus software, or install the latest anti-virus software on your system.

In case, if the file has corrupted BKF and then you have to go for a third-party software repair BKF. You can opt for any software which are available in the market that helps to recover corrupt BKF file easily and instantly. A help file come along with these tools which is quite useful to operate third party tools. You can download BKF recovery tool from Internet. No previous experience is necessary for recovery using this software.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Fix Error Code 0x8001008 of Corrupt JPEG Files

Numerical Reflex Digital CameraImage via WikipediaA corrupted JPEG photograph. Result of a photo...Image via Wikipedia
JPEG file format is most used format for photos which are used by digital cameras and other digital photographic image capturing devices. JPEG or JPG is a compressed format of digital photos. JPEG files format is very popular because it provides smooth and realistic images with variation of tone and colour. But these secure JPEG image files may also get corrupt like other photos and files. You may get 0x8001008 error message sometime when you are trying to open JPEG files in your digital camera or any other storage device. When JPEG image is logically damaged then this type of error arises. Each and every photo contains some special memory of your life and you don't want to loss these photos at any cost. To avoid such situation it is advisable to you always take backup of your special photos so that recovery of photos gets easy from backup. Suppose due to error 0x8001008 the backup photos get corrupt, now what to do to recover it? You can use JPEG Repair tool to repair corrupt JPG images.

Consider a situation in which you are accessing photos of your marriage from your SD card. When you connected SD card with your computer system, your photos become inaccessible and give an error 0x8001008.

Err0x8001008 message occurs when you try to open the JPEG files:

Virus or malware infection.

Power surges.

Improper shut down.

Switching of the camera during the write process.

Hardware failure.

Solution: To solve corruption problem due to error0x8001008, first you need to find out the cause of the problem. Try to find out specific reason of the above error and try to remove those causes. If you can't find out reason or could not resolve the cause of the problem. In that situation you need to use JPEG repair software to repair corrupt images.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 16026

Image representing Intuit as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase
Loosing valuable accounting data may create negative effect on your business. It is actually a disastrous situation for your accounting Data Company if you are not able to access your valuable data from QuickBooks files which have the records of one or more than one year due to lost or damaged of file. In the data corruption situation in quickbooks your main goal is to repair quickbooks files. QuickBooks repair can be done effectively with the help of a third party QuickBooks repair software file.

Consider a scenario. Sometimes, due to virus attack, many attempts to download quickbooks file get failed. This is a faulty incomplete download of quickbooks files which make .qbw file corrupt and you will receive a following error message while accessing it.  

"Error 16026"

Above error message pop up every time you make an attempt to download.


Causes that are responsible for the occurrence of above error message are:

1. some connectivity problems that prevent access to the Internet.
2. You are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.
3. The cipher strength of Internet Explorer is not 128-bit.
4. Improper installation of QuickBooks files. In other words, the files are damaged and have them installed QBW.
5. QuickBooks version is not compatible with Windows 7 or Windows Vista.


To resolve above error message, and do the repair QuickBooks. You have to follow the following steps:

1. Start QuickBooks again.
2. In QuickBooks, open the financial institution directory:
a) Select Banking> Online Banking> Available Financial Institutions.
b) If the financial institution's Board appears to the left, QuickBooks was successful in opening Intuit's online services.
3. If the Internet can be accessed from Web browser and within the QuickBooks then try to download a program update.
4. Check the version and cipher strength of Internet Explorer.
a) Start Internet Explorer.
b) Choose Help> About Internet Explorer.
c) Download a newer version of Internet Explorer, if you have a previous version of it.
5. If the problem persists, then it could be that the QBW file are not installed correctly or is damaged during installation.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to open damaged or corrupt PDF files

PDF files have several benefits over normal word documents like pdf files can publish on Internet, send through emails, can viewed on computer of any configuration. PDF files have advanced security features that help users to prevent data from unauthorized modification. PDF files have option by which you can disallow users to copy your content. But there may be chances that PDF files also get corrupt due to improper downloading/uploading, editing. These files may get corrupt through virus and Trojan. Pdf repair is required to repair corrupt pdf files by pdf recovery software.

When you try to open corrupt pdf files, it will not open and an error message will pop up “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired”. The main reason of above message is improper downloading/uploading of pdf files or virus attack. If pdf files get corrupt then you need powerful pdf recovery software to repair it.

Repair PDF file: It is very simple to repair corrupt pdf files with Stellar phoenix pdf recovery software. It will repair pdf files in few mouse clicks in very less time. Follow these steps to repair pdf file with stellar phoenix pdf repair software.

Download Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery
Run Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery application.
Click Repair PDF Files button.
Select PDF File.
Click Scan button. Scan progress is displayed in progress bar.
After successful scan, preview of PDF file is shown in the application.
Click Save to save the repaired file. 'Repair options' windows is displayed.
Click Browse to select destination where the repaired PDF file will be saved.
Click Select Output version combo box to choose version (PDF 1.3, PDF 1.4, PDF 1.5,
PDF 1.6) of the repaired PDF file. By default output version of repaired file is same as
selected file.
Click OK to save the repaired file. A "Process completed successfully" confirmation
message is displayed.
This way you can open a pdf file which is damaged or corrupt
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