How to open damaged or corrupt PDF files

PDF files have several benefits over normal word documents like pdf files can publish on Internet, send through emails, can viewed on computer of any configuration. PDF files have advanced security features that help users to prevent data from unauthorized modification. PDF files have option by which you can disallow users to copy your content. But there may be chances that PDF files also get corrupt due to improper downloading/uploading, editing. These files may get corrupt through virus and Trojan. Pdf repair is required to repair corrupt pdf files by pdf recovery software.

When you try to open corrupt pdf files, it will not open and an error message will pop up “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired”. The main reason of above message is improper downloading/uploading of pdf files or virus attack. If pdf files get corrupt then you need powerful pdf recovery software to repair it.

Repair PDF file: It is very simple to repair corrupt pdf files with Stellar phoenix pdf recovery software. It will repair pdf files in few mouse clicks in very less time. Follow these steps to repair pdf file with stellar phoenix pdf repair software.

Download Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery
Run Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery application.
Click Repair PDF Files button.
Select PDF File.
Click Scan button. Scan progress is displayed in progress bar.
After successful scan, preview of PDF file is shown in the application.
Click Save to save the repaired file. 'Repair options' windows is displayed.
Click Browse to select destination where the repaired PDF file will be saved.
Click Select Output version combo box to choose version (PDF 1.3, PDF 1.4, PDF 1.5,
PDF 1.6) of the repaired PDF file. By default output version of repaired file is same as
selected file.
Click OK to save the repaired file. A "Process completed successfully" confirmation
message is displayed.
This way you can open a pdf file which is damaged or corrupt


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