Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fix PowerPoint found a problem with content in the presentation filename.ppt/pptx

Periodically, MS PowerPoint presentations that you received in your E-mail from your friends, boss, marketing executives etc. perform oddly. Previously you were able to open the slides but suddenly fail to open or get error messages. Here is the error message that comes up on your screen:

PowerPoint found a problem with content in the presentation filename.ppt

In PowerPoint 2003 & lower versions

PowerPoint found a problem with content in the presentation filename.pptx

In PowerPoint 2007 & upper versions

Click on the ‘Repair’ button, if trust the source of this presentation. This Repair button will frustrate you more when it does not repair anything.

How to fix the problem?

You can fix this problem by following these steps:
  • Download & Save the file on your computer or laptop
  • Right click on the file and select ‘properties’
  • Select ‘General’ tab, if it is not selected. 
  • Now click on the ‘unblock’ button to unblock the file.
  • Click OK to complete the process.

  • Reopen the file, now you are able to open the downloaded file.

If above method does not work for you, then you can try following method:

In Power Point:
File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings

Note: This may leave your system at risk so first beware about the effect of it. I will not recommend this.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Easily Repairs Corrupt Excel File

Excel file repair is a very hot topic. What do you do if your very important excel file has been corrupt or damaged that was saved as xls or xlsx file? You don’t have backup of that important file, which you should have or backup has been lost/corrupt too. How do you re-gain the data of Excel file? In this article I will try to list all the possible solution to fix this unpleasant task.
Don’t worry! It can happen with anyone. I will share 5 methods for recovery of data from corrupt or damaged excel file. Success is not guarantee, you may loss the formatting. But I will guarantee that you will be able to save the text data after performing any of the methods. 

There are five main reasons for Excel file corruption and the reasons are:
  1. Faulty Hardware: In a research, it has been found that 92% of Excel file corrupt occur due to hardware problem. Hardware problem can be overheating, device conflict, faulty component etc. If you found any of the above problems then immediately contact your system support engineer or replace the faulty hardware component.
  2. Sudden Power Failure: This happens rarely because most the brand systems have UPS or power backup facilities. That allows us to save the data before system turn-off.  
  3. Virus or malware attack
  4. File is open in the another program
  5. Some uncertain activity during write operation
Excel File Repair Methods:

1. Use Open & Repair Command: It is the first & primary method for recovering data from any corrupt or damaged Excel file. If you want to perform this method to recover the data from corrupt excel file then follow the given below steps:
  • Start MS Excel.
  • Go-to the File menu and click on the ‘Open’.
  • Now select the file that you want to open.
  • Click on the arrow next to the Open button, and then click Open and Repair.
  • MS Excel prompt you for Repair, click on Repair to recover data from corrupt file.
  • Now save the file and your desired location and make a proper backup.
2. Move Spreadsheet into a new Workbook: If you are able to open the corrupt file then you are try this method to recover the data from corrupt file.
  • Open the corrupt or damaged Excel Worksheet.
  • Right-click on the sheet tab (sheet1, sheet2, ..) and then select ‘Select All Sheets’.
  • Again right-click on the sheet tab, and click ‘Move or Copy…’.
  • Choose desired worksheet, and select the ‘Create a Copy’ option.
3. Try Open Office: If you are not able to open Excel file then you can try Open Office. If you don’t know about Open Office (Read here), It is an open source office suite. You can download and use it for forever without any cost.

4. Save File in another File Format: If you are able to open the corrupt file then change the name, location and file format of the file and try to open from there: Follow below steps for changing the file format.
  • Open the MS Excel.
  • Click on the ‘File’ menu and then ‘Save as’.
  • Choose the new file name, location and ‘Save as type’.
  • Select ‘Web Page/XML Spreadsheet/SYLK format’ and save.
Now open the file, you may get your entire data in this newly created document.
5. Try Excel Repair Software: If nothing works, try excellent Excel repair software to repair and recover data from corrupt Excel file. Finding the best Excel file repair software is a tough task but don’t worry! You can find top 10 excel repair software at one place (Check here).
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Windows XP - Backup Your Data and Avoid Data Loss

Maintaining backup of data is the most important task that user can performs in his/her computer. A data can be anything and present in any form on user computer like Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, file, folder, notepad document and many more. If you don’t maintain backup copy of your data, you may risk of data loss.

Hard drive failure is the most common cause for the data loss from the computer; it stores the data that you save in your computer. It has been seen that there are some viruses program that not only affect the computer but delete the important files and folders. So it is very important to use an effective anti-virus program and update it continuously.

Backup Your Data: Backup is like second life of data so it is very important to backup your data, here you will learn about how to backup data on Windows XP machine. I am running Windows XP professional, version 5.1 in my computer

Steps to Backup:To complete the backup of your data, you need to perform following steps:
First of all run NTBackup.exe with the help of run command, I have simplified the sub-steps with the lines as below.

Start -> Run -> ntbackup.exe -> Ok

After clicking ‘Ok’, you will see ‘Backup or Restore’ welcome wizard. It will help you in backing up or restoring files & settings in your machine. Click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed further.

If you want to backup files or settings then choose first option otherwise choose second option for restoring files & settings. Now click on the ‘Next’ button to backup or restore files and settings.

Now specify the items that you want to backup from your computer, you have four options:

  • My Documents and settings
  • Everyone’s documents and settings
  • All information of this computer
  • Let me choose what to backup

I have chosen 4th option i.e. ‘Let me choose what to backup’ because I want to take backup of my most important file. You can choose any option from the list. And click ‘Next’ to proceed.

You will see below screen on your desktop.

You need to tick on all your specified files that you want to take backup. For all files, just tick the specified folder. I have shown it in below picture.

Now choose the destination location and new name of your backup files & settings.

Click on the ‘Finish’ button to complete the backup process.

Important Notes:
·         Make sure that destination location has enough space to backup files & settings.
·         Backup time is directly proportional to the amount of data that you have selected for the backup.
·         Please make sure there is no any uncertain activities occur during the backup process.
·         Always choose another destination location for backup instead of same computer because you can access your backup file when system crash; until your backup file “.bkf” not corrupt.
·         Backup is like second life for the data so always create backup copy of your data.

Backup File Corruption:The file extension of backup file is ‘.bkf’ and the bkf file gets corrupt too. If your bkf file has been corrupted then you can’t restore your data from the bkf file. It is the time to use your second backup file if you have maintained otherwise use BKF repair software to repair the file.
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Fix Excel Error - The file you are trying to open is in different format than specified by the file extension

I got below error message when I tried to open my Excel file:

“The file you are trying to open is in different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupt and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you want to open the file now?”

I clicked on the ‘Yes’ button to open my file.

But MS Excel did not open my file. There is a blank workbook. I was shocked because we were updating this workbook since last three years. 

This is how I repair it:

Open & Repair: I tried this method by following below steps:
Office Button->Open->Select your file->Click arrow next to open button->Open & Repair

When I tried above steps, got another pop-up message
Excel can perform checks while opening the workbook and attempt to repair any corruption it detects, or extract just the data (formulas and values) from the workbook.
•    Click Repair if you want to recover as much as of your work as possible.
•    Click Extract Data if Excel was previously unable to repair the workbook.

I clicked on ‘Repair’ button to recover data from workbook.

But Excel failed to repair my corrupt workbook and again opened a blank workbook as shown in the below screenshot.

Then I tried ‘Extract Data’ as shown in the below screenshot.

And got below warning message and clicked on the ‘Convert to Values’ as shown in the below image.
This workbook may contain formulas with references that Excel cannot recover. Do you want to convert these formulas to values, or recover as much of the formulas as possible?

But Excel is unable to read the file and Excel disappeared.

Open Office: I have heard that Open Office is able to recover data from corrupt MS Excel file; I tried it but it also failed to repair excel file.

Move the File: I copied the file and send to another machine. When I opened the file on new machine same error message appeared and suggested to repair the file using ‘Open & repair’ which I already tried on the old machine.

Restore from Backup: I was not lucky enough because I had not maintained any backup copy of the file. So always remember, maintain a backup copy of all your important files. Backup is the best method to resolve any types of corruption. It minimize the change of data loss and business time if you have maintained a crucial business data in the excel workbook.

Excel Repair Tool: At last I tried a paid excel repair tool which shows me the preview of the corrupt file if software avail to repair it otherwise don’t purchase it. It fixes my problem in very quick time. You can see more information about the product to click here.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Excel is not responding - Microsoft Excel 2010

Recently one of my team members had started getting an error message in Excel 2010. Every time when he tried to open Excel file, MS Excel would crash instantaneously with an error message “Excel is not responding”. He was very frustrated and contact me to resolve the problem. I had recommended him a list of solutions to resolve this particular error message. In this article I will describe all the solutions.

Solution 1: Install the latest updates
It is the simplest method! Try this method first before anything to fix the problem. Installing recommended or optional updates can fix the problem by replacing the old files.

Solution 2: Repair MS Office application
In some cases, it might be possible that one of the important file of MS Office application has been corrupt, damaged or deleted. So it might be very helpful to try an automatic repair option of MS Office. It will fix the entire problem related to the MS Office. To perform this, follow below steps:

  1. First, close all the MS Office programs that are running, for example Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc
  2. Now Open the Control Panel.
  3. Select "Programs and Features".
  4. Look for "Microsoft Office 2010" in the list.
  5. Click on the "Change" button at the top.
  6. Now select “Repair” from the list and click on the Continue button.
  7. You have done.

Solution 3: Uninstall & Reinstall MS Office application
It is very helpful method for severe cases. You can do this manually or with the help of Office uninstaller.

Solution 4: Start in safe mode
If above solutions do not work for you then try this method. It is likely one that will work for you. In some of the cases; crashing or not responding issues happen due to add-ins problems. When you start MS Office programs in safe mode then it does not load any add-ins that is possible cause of crashing.

How to do this: To start excel in safe mode, follow below steps:
  1. Open the Run window manually or press Windows+R key to get the Rum window.
  2. Now type “Excel.exe /safe” in the text box.
  3. Disable the add-ins.
Note: There is a space between the .exe & /

Solution 5: Test the File
If not responding issue is happening with any particular file that was created with the third party software then it might be possible that some of the feature not work properly in the MS Excel. First test the file outside the third party application and make sure third party is aware with this issue.

Solution 6: Change the default printer
When you open any MS office documents like .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx or any other the MS Office application communicate with the printer to figure out the margins supported by installed printer. If communication fails due to any reason then application will be crash. To fix the issue you have to change the default printer. Follow below steps to fix the issue:
  1. Open the MS Excel.
  2. Go-to the devices and printers windows.
  3. Now right click on the printer and choose as a default printer.
  4. Now open you file again.
Your Turn:
Have you ever experienced with the discussed error message? How did you fix the problem? Did you find this article useful? Please let me know through comments!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tips to Convert PDF Document to Image Files (jpeg,png,gif)

You might have seen users many times converting a PDF document to an image file; however, do you really understand the reason behind it? At times, the entire PDF document might not work or you just need a few images from the PDF document; in such cases, it is good to perform such conversion. Now, it comes to a solution that could provide a successful and accurate conversion. The post provides you various ways for converting PDF document to image files along with the steps to perform to accomplish the task; go through the following.

Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Open PDF document in Adobe Acrobat.
  • In the menu, click 'File'; from the displayed list, click 'Save as'.
  • In the appeared dialog box, specify a name for your document, and then choose JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, or PNG in the 'Save as type'.
  • Click 'Save'

The image of the selected type will be saved at the desired location on your computer. Note that the free version of Acrobat will not convert the document.
Google Docs
  • Open Google Docs; enter your account credentials to log in.
  • Click the Upload button represented by an arrow next to 'Create'.
  • An Upload Settings window will appear; select all the checkboxes to convert the PDF file to a document that can be edited.
  • Click the 'Start Upload' button.
  • In the opened file, click Google's File menu (note that this File menu is not the one available in main menu bar.)
  • Select 'Download as', and then select 'Microsoft Word'. Your PDF will be saved as a .docx Word file.

You are now done with a successful conversion using Google Docs.
Preview on Mac
  • On Mac, launch preview. In the menu, click 'File', click 'Open', and then browse to the target PDF file to open it.
  • Locate the document that has to be converted to an image. Know that only current page will be exported by Preview.
  • In the menu, click 'File', and then click 'Export' to export the page.
  • Apply setting for graphics format. A Save window will appear, and then set the location for file.
  • Go to the 'Format' menu; select the format that you want.
  • You can now adjust the quality of Output. You will be provided with a few options, such as resolution and compression quality. The options depend on the selected format. You can set the options as per your requirements.
  • Click 'Save' button. Your document is now saved.

Photoshop on Mac
  • In the Finder, select unopened PDF file. Select it by clicking just once; make sure that you do not open the file.
  • Go to the menu, click 'File', and then select 'Open With >'. With this, you will be provided with various applications to open the PDF file.
  • Select a photo editing application that is installed on your computer.
  • Select Images by clicking the associated radio button.
  • Select a picture that has to be imported.
  • Click 'OK'. When the file opens, you can save, edit, or crop it, depending on your requirement.

Note that you can use Photoshop on PC also.
Screenshots or Snipping Tool

If you are, for some reason, not able to use any of the above methods, you can try taking a snapshot on your Mac. On the other hand, on Windows, it is good to use inbuilt Snipping Tool for converting a PDF document to JPG image file. However, there is no assurance of top class quality, but it is assured that you will get a JPG image as a result.

You can capture the Screenshot on Mac as follows:
  • Press “Command + Shift + 4″ using keyboard, it will activate the screenshot function.
  • When a small cursor appears instead of mouse cursor, drag the cursor to any location around PDF that is to be captured. The screenshot will be captured and saved on the desktop. Its name will be specified according to time and date when it was created.

Use Snipping Tool on Windows as follows:
  • Go to Programs, and then Accessories. Look for the Snipping Tool, and once found, open it. You can also use Windows search bar to open the tool.
  • When the tool is opened, click the arrow that is visible next to 'New'.
  • Select the type of snip that you find better from dropdown, such as full-screen, rectangular, etc.
  • Drag the cursor to any location around the PDF that has to be captured. You will see a new window with the selection.

However, it is important to let you know that you can convert the PDF document to JPG images with the above steps.
Therefore, you are now aware of all the methods that will offer an effective PDF to image file conversion. Make sure to carry out the task attentively.
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things you Need to be Careful about while Installing Multiple Versions of MS Word on a Single Computer

All of you must be familiar with Microsoft Office Word (or MS Word) as a word processor from Microsoft. In fact, MS Word is one of the prominent components of MS Office suite, which not only is used at corporate level, but typical home users use it as well for their personal and professional works. Today, since different versions MS Word (i.e. MS Word 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and a few earlier versions) are available, people upgrade to a newer version whenever it is available to them.

However, people do have more than one version of MS Word (i.e. multiple versions of MS Office) installed on their computer. It may sound awkward, but yes, it is true that you too may need to install multiple versions of MS Word on your computer. Do you wonder why? Well, suppose you prepare your college assignment on MS Word 2007, which you have to submit to your tutor via email. Likewise, some students may create their assignment on MS Word 2010, whereas one or more may use Office 2003. After all students are done submitting the assignment to the tutor, he must have at least MS Word 2010 installed on his computer so as to open them. This is because a Word document created in a later version (let’s say word 2007) can be opened in an earlier version (let’s say Word 2003) In case he has Word 2003; he will have to install Word 2007 or 2010 as well.

Is it Feasible?
Do you wonder how it is feasible to install multiple versions of MS Word simultaneously on a single computer? Well, even though it is feasible, even Microsoft does not recommend going for it, especially on computers having Terminal Services enabled.

Tip 1: Disable Terminal Services if you need to install multiple versions of MS word (or MS Office) on a single computer.

What should be the Installation Order?
Well, in case you want to go for installing multiple versions of MS Word simultaneously on a single computer, you must follow the following order of installation:

Office 2003 > Office 2007 > Office 2010 >Office 2013

According to the aforementioned order of installation, you need to install earlier version before a later one, as this is the order in which ‘registry keys’, ‘shared programs’, ‘file name extensions’, and other settings are managed for each version of the MS Office and programs.

Tip 2: In case you uninstall one of the Office suites, you will have to reinstall remaining ones to work in an intended way.

Issues with Multiple versions of MS Word
In case you have MS Word 2007 and 2003 installed on your computer, you might have experienced that Word 2007 takes a bit longer time to open. This is because Word 2007 has to auto-register itself on that particular computer. Well, you can increase its launching speed by skipping the so-called auto-registration process. However, you must be careful while doing this, as it may cause Word functioning incorrectly. In this regard, you need to follow the steps discussed underneath:

Tip: By following these steps, you can certainly skip the auto-registration process. However, any glitch during this task may cause failure of registry. Thus, make sure you back up the registry before initiating the steps to modify it.

  • With MS Word Exited, click Start menu and type regedit in the Search box, and then hit the Enter key.
    • (In Windows XP, click Start menu > Run window and proceed.)
  • Type administrator password if you are prompted.
  • In the folder than opens, locate the following registry sub key:
    • “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\Options”
  • With the registry sub key selected, point to Edit > New > DWORD Value
  • Type NoReReg and hit the Enter key.
  • Now, right click NoReReg and choose Modify.
  • Type 1 in the Value Data box and click OK.
  • Go to File menu and select Exit to end up registry editing.

Windows Installer Message in MS Word
Windows Installer starts automatically when you run MS Word 2007, in case of multiple versions of MS Word are installed on your computer. Besides, a message, stating Windows Installer is preparing also appears before Word 2007 is launched. If you click Cancel, the installer is exited, and Word starts.
Do you know why Windows Installer appears? Well, it appears when the version of Word you launch is not the registered one.
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Conditional Formatting in Excel: How to Change the Background Color of Cells Based on Values in the Cell

Conditional formatting in MS Excel allows you to apply different formatting options on one cell or more cells with certain specified conditions. It is very helpful to identify the differences in a wide range of values at a glance. This feature in Excel gives you the ability to color rows, hide duplicate, hide errors and highlight items.

This article explains that how you can change the background color of cells according to their values.

Example: You have a spreadsheet of average marks obtained by students in a exam and you want to figure out overall performance quickly, then you can color each cell of average marks according to cell's value. It is the easiest way to see at a glance relevant marks.

I am just taking few names of students and their marks in particular subjects randomly.

In above example Overall Average is the average marks of students in their exam and you want to color background of these cells on the basis of their marks. So that you can easily figure out who is failed, who has got good grade and who has got excellent grade.

I will color each cell's background of Overall Average marks depending on a scale. Let me decide the scale...

  • If a student has scored average marks between 0 and 40 then he/she is failed and color will be Red.
  • If a student has scored average marks between 40 and 60 then color will be Blue and it is average grade.
  • If a student has scored average marks between 60 and 80 then color will be Yellow and it is good grade.
  • If a student has scored average marks between 80 and 100 then color will be Green and it is excellent grade.

You can choose colors according to your benchmark. I have chosen it randomly to make the differences between each range of overall average marks.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Select all the cell that you want to apply this formatting; I have selected B8 to G8.
Select > B8 to G8

2. Now go at the top of screen and select Home tab. Now click Conditional Formatting on the ribbon and select Manage Rules.
Home > Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules

3. Now you will see the pop window of Conditional Formatting Rules Manager.
4. Now click on New Rule to set color of cells red for marks between 0 and 40.
Conditional Formatting Rules Manager > New Rule

5. Now you will see New Formatting Rule window. In the pop-up window of Select Rule Type section, choose the second one “Format only cells that contain”.
New Formatting Rule > Select Rule Type > Format only cells that contain

6. In Edit the Rule Description section select Cell Value in first drop down box, between in second drop down box, type 0 in third drop down box and 40 in the last drop down box.
Format only cells with: > Cell Value > between > 0 > 40

7. Now click on Format and you will see a pop-up window of Format Cells.

8. Now click on Fill tab and choose the red color from the drop-down menu of Color section and click on OK.
Format Cells > Fill > Color > Red > OK

When you will click on OK in previous step then you get return back to New Formatting Rule window and preview box of Format will shows color red. Now click on OK.

10. Now you will get back return to Conditional Formatting Rules Manager window.

11. You are done with first rule, if Cell value is between 0 and 40 then
color will be Red.
12. Now click on New Rule and make second rule of cell value between 40 and 60 (color will be blue). To do these just follow all methods that you had done before. When you are done with second rule then Conditional Formatting Rules Manager window will look like this.

13. Now do the same thing to set your rest of the rules. When you are done with all your rules then Conditional Formatting Rules Manager window will look like this.

14. Click on OK and your Overall Averages cell will look like this.
In above sheet you can easily figure out who has failed (red color) and who has scored good grade (green color) at a glance. These steps are applicable on MS Excel 2007 and 2010.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to Fix DOCX Error Message

MS Word users often come across an error message or encounter a problem wherein their precious Word document becomes completely inaccessible. Both these situations are annoying, as you cannot access your Word document and cannot work on it. In such situations, the backup of your file works as a boon, but what should be the resolution for the people who do not have the backup of their file? Well, for such users, MS Office provides a utility named as ‘Open and Repair’.

By using this utility, you can repair your corrupt Word document and restore all the data stored in it. However, you need not panic even in such situations because for such cases, we are providing you some other remedies as well. Let us understand it all with a practical example:

A critical error message that MS Word 2007 and 2010 users encounter while trying to open their Word file is:

The file <document filename> cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.

The error message is specific to .docx users of the above versions of Word. However, when you click on the ‘Details’ button, you will get the additional information:

“The name in the end tag of the element must match the element type in the start tag.”

Moreover, the popup screen also provides the information about the location to where the error is located in your Word XML file (this information contains the exact line and column). The main cause of this error message, which is described at the Microsoft’s website, is:

Cause: This problem is related to the Math tags only and occurs when a graphical object or text box is grounded to the same paragraph that has the equation itself. However, the error does not occur until the document is saved or re-edited and saved again.

Resolutions: A resolution for this error message can be ‘Open and Repair’ method of MS Office. Follow the below mentioned steps to use this method:

Open and Repair: Generally, this option works by it when Word encounters a corrupt document file. However, when the corruption is severe, then you have to follow the manual steps for using this tool, which are:
  • Start MS Word.
  • Go to the ‘Microsoft Office Button’ and click ‘Open’.
  • The ‘Open’ dialog box opens, and from there, select the file that you want to open.
  • However, do not click to select this file, but click the down arrow available at the side of ‘Open’ button, and then click ‘Open and Repair’.
Sometimes, this ‘Open and Repair’ function fails to resolve the above error message and repair your .docx file. For such situations, you can try out another simple and quick workaround and restart your normal working with this file. 

Follow the below mentioned steps to use this method:
  1. Log into your Windows Live or Hotmail account; however, if you do not have the one, then create a new account.
  2. Hover your mouse over the top menu on ‘Office’, and then click ‘Your Documents’ option.
  3. Your next step is to navigate to the ‘Add files’ option, select your corrupt .docx file from the location, and upload it to Office docs.
  4. After this, go to the ‘My Documents’ folder, and then click ‘Edit in Browser’.
  5. Your docx file opens in the browser. Note: The preferred browser for this method is Internet Explorer only, as it does not work on Mozilla or Chrome. Therefore, it is said to use Internet Explorer.

In the browser, you have an option of opening your document file in MS Word. However, before opening the document, you have to fix the problem related to it. Generally, a document with table of contents comes across such situations, especially when you try to save it and Word is unable to read the table of contents. Deleting the table of contents is the only way to remove the corruption. After deleting the table of contents, save the document, and then select the option ‘Open in Word’ on the browser to open this document in MS Word.

If everything works fine, then this process will launch the MS Word 2007 on your computer and you can see your document, but without the table of contents. However, you can easily rebuild another table of contents in your document and save it all over again. This fix generally works for all and reopens your MS Word file, which was completely inaccessible.

However, if this process too fails to do any needful, then use of professional Word recovery software is recommended. Reliable software for MS Word recovery repairs corrupt or inaccessible MS Word file that is damaged due to any reason and restores all its contents without modifying it.

You can opt for any of the above-mentioned resolutions, but going for a professional tool is always the best way to overcome data loss caused due to Word file corruption. However, if you have the backup of your files, then you need to opt for any of these resolutions, as you can easily restore your data from it.

Normally, all reliable professional tools of this category provide their demo versions as well. Therefore, you can opt for the demo first, and after understanding it with trail version, you can opt for the full version of the tool and perform the recovery of your docx file, which is unable to be recovered with other methods.
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