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Fix PowerPoint found a problem with content in the presentation filename.ppt/pptx

Periodically, MS PowerPoint presentations that you received in your E-mail from your friends, boss, marketing executives etc. perform oddly. Previously you were able to open the slides but suddenly fail to open or get error messages. Here is the error message that comes up on your screen:

PowerPoint found a problem with content in the presentation filename.ppt

In PowerPoint 2003 & lower versions

PowerPoint found a problem with content in the presentation filename.pptx

In PowerPoint 2007 & upper versions

Click on the ‘Repair’ button, if trust the source of this presentation. This Repair button will frustrate you more when it does not repair anything.

How to fix the problem?

You can fix this problem by following these steps:
Download & Save the file on your computer or laptopRight click on the file and select ‘properties’ Select ‘General’ tab, if it is not selected. Now click on the ‘unblock’ button to unblock the file.Click OK to complete the process.
Reopen the file, now…

Easily Repairs Corrupt Excel File

Excel file repair is a very hot topic. What do you do if your very important excel file has been corrupt or damaged that was saved as xls or xlsx file? You don’t have backup of that important file, which you should have or backup has been lost/corrupt too. How do you re-gain the data of Excel file? In this article I will try to list all the possible solution to fix this unpleasant task.

Don’t worry! It can happen with anyone. I will share 5 methods for recovery of data from corrupt or damaged excel file. Success is not guarantee, you may loss the formatting. But I will guarantee that you will be able to save the text data after performing any of the methods. 

There are five main reasons for Excel file corruption and the reasons are:
Faulty Hardware: In a research, it has been found that 92% of Excel file corrupt occur due to hardware problem. Hardware problem can be overheating, device conflict, faulty component etc. If you found any of the above problems then immediately contact yo…

Windows XP - Backup Your Data and Avoid Data Loss

Maintaining backup of data is the most important task that user can performs in his/her computer. A data can be anything and present in any form on user computer like Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, file, folder, notepad document and many more. If you don’t maintain backup copy of your data, you may risk of data loss.

Hard drive failure is the most common cause for the data loss from the computer; it stores the data that you save in your computer. It has been seen that there are some viruses program that not only affect the computer but delete the important files and folders. So it is very important to use an effective anti-virus program and update it continuously.
Backup Your Data: Backup is like second life of data so it is very important to backup your data, here you will learn about how to backup data on Windows XP machine. I am running Windows XP professional, version 5.1 in my computer

Steps to Backup:To complete the backup of your data, you need to per…

Fix Excel Error - The file you are trying to open is in different format than specified by the file extension

I got below error message when I tried to open my Excel file:

“The file you are trying to open is in different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupt and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you want to open the file now?”

I clicked on the ‘Yes’ button to open my file.

But MS Excel did not open my file. There is a blank workbook. I was shocked because we were updating this workbook since last three years. 

This is how I repair it:

Open & Repair: I tried this method by following below steps:
Office Button->Open->Select your file->Click arrow next to open button->Open & Repair

When I tried above steps, got another pop-up message
“Excel can perform checks while opening the workbook and attempt to repair any corruption it detects, or extract just the data (formulas and values) from the workbook.
•    Click Repair if you want to recover as much as of your work as possible.
•    Click Extract Data if Excel was previ…

Excel is not responding - Microsoft Excel 2010

Recently one of my team members had started getting an error message in Excel 2010. Every time when he tried to open Excel file, MS Excel would crash instantaneously with an error message “Excel is not responding”. He was very frustrated and contact me to resolve the problem. I had recommended him a list of solutions to resolve this particular error message. In this article I will describe all the solutions.

Solution 1: Install the latest updates It is the simplest method! Try this method first before anything to fix the problem. Installing recommended or optional updates can fix the problem by replacing the old files.
Solution 2: Repair MS Office application In some cases, it might be possible that one of the important file of MS Office application has been corrupt, damaged or deleted. So it might be very helpful to try an automatic repair option of MS Office. It will fix the entire problem related to the MS Office. To perform this, follow below steps:
First, close all the MS Offi…

Tips to Convert PDF Document to Image Files (jpeg,png,gif)

You might have seen users many times converting a PDF document to an image file; however, do you really understand the reason behind it? At times, the entire PDF document might not work or you just need a few images from the PDF document; in such cases, it is good to perform such conversion. Now, it comes to a solution that could provide a successful and accurate conversion. The post provides you various ways for converting PDF document to image files along with the steps to perform to accomplish the task; go through the following.

Adobe Acrobat Pro
Launch Adobe Acrobat ProOpen PDF document in Adobe Acrobat.In the menu, click 'File'; from the displayed list, click 'Save as'.In the appeared dialog box, specify a name for your document, and then choose JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, or PNG in the 'Save as type'.Click 'Save'
The image of the selected type will be saved at the desired location on your computer. Note that the free version of Acrobat will not convert th…

Things you Need to be Careful about while Installing Multiple Versions of MS Word on a Single Computer

All of you must be familiar with Microsoft Office Word (or MS Word) as a word processor from Microsoft. In fact, MS Word is one of the prominent components of MS Office suite, which not only is used at corporate level, but typical home users use it as well for their personal and professional works. Today, since different versions MS Word (i.e. MS Word 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and a few earlier versions) are available, people upgrade to a newer version whenever it is available to them.

However, people do have more than one version of MS Word (i.e. multiple versions of MS Office) installed on their computer. It may sound awkward, but yes, it is true that you too may need to install multiple versions of MS Word on your computer. Do you wonder why? Well, suppose you prepare your college assignment on MS Word 2007, which you have to submit to your tutor via email. Likewise, some students may create their assignment on MS Word 2010, whereas one or more may use Office 2003. After all students…

Conditional Formatting in Excel: How to Change the Background Color of Cells Based on Values in the Cell

Conditional formatting in MS Excel allows you to apply different formatting options on one cell or more cells with certain specified conditions. It is very helpful to identify the differences in a wide range of values at a glance. This feature in Excel gives you the ability to color rows, hide duplicate, hide errors and highlight items.
This article explains that how you can change the background color of cells according to their values.
Example: You have a spreadsheet of average marks obtained by students in a exam and you want to figure out overall performance quickly, then you can color each cell of average marks according to cell's value. It is the easiest way to see at a glance relevant marks.
I am just taking few names of students and their marks in particular subjects randomly.

In above example Overall Average is the average marks of students in their exam and you want to color background of these cells on the basis of their marks. So that you can easily figure out who is f…

How to Fix DOCX Error Message

MS Word users often come across an error message or encounter a problem wherein their precious Word document becomes completely inaccessible. Both these situations are annoying, as you cannot access your Word document and cannot work on it. In such situations, the backup of your file works as a boon, but what should be the resolution for the people who do not have the backup of their file? Well, for such users, MS Office provides a utility named as ‘Open and Repair’.

By using this utility, you can repair your corrupt Word document and restore all the data stored in it. However, you need not panic even in such situations because for such cases, we are providing you some other remedies as well. Let us understand it all with a practical example:

A critical error message that MS Word 2007 and 2010 users encounter while trying to open their Word file is:

The file <document filename> cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.

The error message is specific to .do…