Easily Repairs Corrupt Excel File

Excel file repair is a very hot topic. What do you do if your very important excel file has been corrupt or damaged that was saved as xls or xlsx file? You don’t have backup of that important file, which you should have or backup has been lost/corrupt too. How do you re-gain the data of Excel file? In this article I will try to list all the possible solution to fix this unpleasant task.
Don’t worry! It can happen with anyone. I will share 5 methods for recovery of data from corrupt or damaged excel file. Success is not guarantee, you may loss the formatting. But I will guarantee that you will be able to save the text data after performing any of the methods. 

There are five main reasons for Excel file corruption and the reasons are:
  1. Faulty Hardware: In a research, it has been found that 92% of Excel file corrupt occur due to hardware problem. Hardware problem can be overheating, device conflict, faulty component etc. If you found any of the above problems then immediately contact your system support engineer or replace the faulty hardware component.
  2. Sudden Power Failure: This happens rarely because most the brand systems have UPS or power backup facilities. That allows us to save the data before system turn-off.  
  3. Virus or malware attack
  4. File is open in the another program
  5. Some uncertain activity during write operation
Excel File Repair Methods:

1. Use Open & Repair Command: It is the first & primary method for recovering data from any corrupt or damaged Excel file. If you want to perform this method to recover the data from corrupt excel file then follow the given below steps:
  • Start MS Excel.
  • Go-to the File menu and click on the ‘Open’.
  • Now select the file that you want to open.
  • Click on the arrow next to the Open button, and then click Open and Repair.
  • MS Excel prompt you for Repair, click on Repair to recover data from corrupt file.
  • Now save the file and your desired location and make a proper backup.
2. Move Spreadsheet into a new Workbook: If you are able to open the corrupt file then you are try this method to recover the data from corrupt file.
  • Open the corrupt or damaged Excel Worksheet.
  • Right-click on the sheet tab (sheet1, sheet2, ..) and then select ‘Select All Sheets’.
  • Again right-click on the sheet tab, and click ‘Move or Copy…’.
  • Choose desired worksheet, and select the ‘Create a Copy’ option.
3. Try Open Office: If you are not able to open Excel file then you can try Open Office. If you don’t know about Open Office (Read here), It is an open source office suite. You can download and use it for forever without any cost.

4. Save File in another File Format: If you are able to open the corrupt file then change the name, location and file format of the file and try to open from there: Follow below steps for changing the file format.
  • Open the MS Excel.
  • Click on the ‘File’ menu and then ‘Save as’.
  • Choose the new file name, location and ‘Save as type’.
  • Select ‘Web Page/XML Spreadsheet/SYLK format’ and save.
Now open the file, you may get your entire data in this newly created document.
5. Try Excel Repair Software: If nothing works, try excellent Excel repair software to repair and recover data from corrupt Excel file. Finding the best Excel file repair software is a tough task but don’t worry! You can find top 10 excel repair software at one place (Check here).


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