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Now Excel is available everywhere

It is important to every business owner that their customers are able to get their Excel spreadsheets from anywhere on every device. Microsoft introduced a new feature 'Excel Interactive View' in Excel 2013 to solve this issue. Now we can say that Excel is available all over the web.

Here is the quick overview of this feature: 

When you find this Excel Button on the web, just click it and you’ll see the simple HTML table with filters, conditional formatting, sorting, and charts options. You can also download it to your desktop to open it in Excel.  You can also add this Excel Button on your website page by adding one line of HTML & a JavaScript tag to the bottom of the page to generate Excel table and chart views on your web page.

Benefits of this feature:

Now we can use Excel online just like we used it offiline.Even MS Excel is not installed on your system; users can use analytical power of Excel on any HTML table on any web page, in most the browsers. You can filter data …

How to Open & Edit PDF file in Word 2013

One of the most advance features of Word 2013 is PDF Reflow in that you can use to convert a PDF File into a Word file & can also open & edit the PDF file content. This feature works with all PDF File versions, but the results are best for textual documents. Please take a look of this feature: 

Here is the example of PDF Reflow conversion: 

When you convert PDF file in to Word using PDF Reflow then it creates a copy of your content during the conversion process. If the results are not up to your need then your original file are still in safe hand. 

How PDF Reflow works: 

PDF is a fixed file format which includes the text, fonts, graphics, and other information needed. When you open a PDF file in Word 2013, PDF Reflow constructs a new Word document from it; you can easily your PDF file content in it. PDF Reflow used a system of complex rules to figure out what Word objects (like headings, lists, tables, etc.) would best represent the original PDF.  

To convert a PDF, open it like yo…