Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks v2.0

Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks is a software application that recovers damaged and corrupt QuickBooks files.

The software efficiently recovers almost every bit of information in the damaged QuickBooks file.

Key Features

• Provides the option to select corrupted (*.QBW) file from desired location

• Provides the option to search for the QBW file(s), incase if you do not know the location of corrupted (*.QBW) files

• Displays preview of Company information (Company name, Address, Phone number, fiscal year, e-mail, website, legal address, city, country, etc.)

• Displays preview of Chart of Accounts (Account name, Account Type, Description and Balance)

• Displays preview of Items and Services (Item name, Item type, Description and Price)

• Displays preview of Customers and Jobs information (Customer Name, Address Info, Additional Info, Payment Info, Job Info and Notes)

• Display preview of Customers and Jobs transactions (Invoices, Estimate, Sales Order, Sales Receipt, Received Payments, Credit Memos and Refunds)

• Displays preview of Vendors information (Vendor Name, Address Info, Additional Info and Account Prefill)

• Displays preview of Vendors transactions (Purchase Order, Item Receipt, Bills, Bill Payments, Checks, Credit Card Activities and Sales Tax Payments)

• Displays preview of Employees information (Personal Info, payroll and Compensation Info and Employment Info)

• Displays preview of Employees transactions (Paychecks, Liability Checks and Non-payroll transactions)

• Creates, maintains, and saves the log report for every QuickBooks data recovery

• Recovers Items and Services

• Recovers Chart of Accounts

• Recovers Company information and transactions (Chart of Accounts,and Items and Services)

• Recovers Customers information (Customer Name, Address Info, Additional Info, Payment Info, Job Info and Notes)

• Recovers Customers transactions (Invoices, Estimate, Sales Order, Sales Receipt, Received Payments, Credit Memos and Refunds)

• Recovers Vendors information (Vendor Name, Address Info, Additional Info and Account Prefill)

• Recovers Vendors transactions (Purchase Order, Item Receipt, Bills, Bill Payments, Checks, Credit Card Activities and Sales Tax Payments)

• Recovers Employees information (Personal Info, payroll and Compensation Info and Employment Info)

• Recovers Employees transactions (Paychecks, Liability Checks and Non-payroll transactions)

• Recovers transfer funds as Make general journal entries

• Supports recovery of multiple currencies

• Supports QuickBooks file recovery from QuickBooks (US version) 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007

• Supports recovery from QuickBooks Enterprise Solution, Premier, Pro and Simple Start editions

• Supports compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000

• Provides the option to upgrade the software version over the Internet using the Update Wizard in the application interface

Minimum System Requirements

• Processor: Pentium Class

• Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Window 7

• Memory: Minimum 512 MB ( 1 GB recommended)

• Hard Disk: 400 MB of free space

• Internet Explorer: Version 6 or later

• QuickBooks

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to repair excel workbook

MS Excel make our work really simple, it can manager very large amount of data and perform addition, multiplication, subtraction and division in fraction of seconds with great accuracy. Excel can handle very large amount of data and anyone which have little knowledge of computers can operate it. But some time our excel sheet did not open and give some errors, due to file get corrupted. All the hard work over a long period of time is wasted and lost.

Do not worry, there are several xls repair forms for you. And by chance, if not work, that have been keeping a backup. Always create backup of every important files and folders so that if your original data get damaged then you can use backup. If you not created backup then use excel repair software to get your valuable data back.

You may get this following Error message while working on excel 2003.

Errors were detected in 'filename. Xls, but Microsoft Excel to open the file by making repairs listed below. Save the file to make the changes permanent.

You may get this error in repair process:
Damage to the file was so extensive that repairs were not possible. Excel tries to recover your formulas and values, but some data may be lost or damaged.

Reason for a problem:
these message comes when excel sheet badly corrupted and MS office cannot perform recovery process.

There are several forms of recovery of MS Office Excel:

If you have Excel 2002 on the same system, try to open the workbook in that version of Excel. If so, copy and paste its contents in 2003. Is this a typical problem of corruption in the Excel file.
If the file does not open in this way, the use of the recovered copy of the book.
If that fails, then try to open the file using the Open and Repair command. This should solve the problem and help you perform. xls repair.
But if not, then you have to opt for Excel repair software. These are the tools of recovery needed to scan the book to identify problems in the file, and apply complex algorithms to repair.

With read-only nature of these tools in a copy of the original file to ensure that the amendments made by the application, if it is not acceptable to the user, not you lose the original file.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to successfully repair corrupt word files

MS-Word application sometimes exhibit unusual behavior. In other words, it starts showing you unexpected behavior. Such behavior includes unreadability, inaccessibility, and more. It might be possible that you have not faced such kind of strange behavior. But corruption makes MS-Word application problematic. If by chance you face such behavior in future that all your data becomes unapproachable, then it is advised to make use of a backup. But if backup falls too weak to recover data, then it is good to go for a third party Word Repair software to repair word file and to recoup all your data back safely from the damaged or corrupt Word document.
Let's illustrate above issue. Let's consider a practical situation. Suppose, on one day your friend has called you and discuss a problem with you that he is facing in MS-Word. He had created some documents in MS-Word application, a problem is that when he starts MS-Word application in his system, documents starts showing data in an incorrect manner. Characters are not displaying correctly. All the data contained in Word document whether it is characters or symbols, text were replaced by square shaped characters. Not a single document is showing such behavior. All the Word documents that was previously created were depicting this behavior. This is quite problematic.
Why such kind of behavior is happening?
This kind of behavior occurs when corruption ruins the MS-Word application. Corruption makes all the data that resides in it inaccessible or unapproachable. Let's find out the solution for such problematic behavior.
Below steps can be followed to solve the problem, and to repair Word file. These are as follows:
Make use of an inbuilt 'Detect and Repair' feature to recover the contents of corrupt or destroyed Word documents.
If the word documents are still exhibiting the same behavior or displaying you square shaped characters, then it is suggested to perform Word repair by a third party Word recovery software. With the help of such software, you become capable to retrieve your lost data back. For using these software, you require normal technical knowledge. Doing recovery by such tools, you only have to drag, drop, click, and browse. No extra efforts are needed. After running such software, inaccessible data becomes accessible.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tips to recover data from corrupt word file

Have you lost your data file in Word, due to corruption of the latter? However, data lost due to damage to the Word file can be recovered by the use of an efficient word recovery software.

Word files are text files that contain text and documents in a much more secure and organized. You can write articles on different types of formats from regular text, vite curriculam, business letters, formats of data. The tool even allows figures and images to be included in the document to make it more vivid and realistic. With all these facilitis, the Word file is not exempt from getting corrupt. You may encounter the following error message when working with Word files:

"The document name or path is not valid. Try these suggestions. Check the file permissions for the document or drive. Use the File Open dialog box to locate the document. "


"Word can not open the document"


"Word can not open the document: user does not have access privileges"


"When you try to open a Microsoft Word 97 document in Microsoft Word version 6.x or 7.x, the document contains garbage characters"

The above error messages indicate corruption in the Word file which leads to a pure case of data loss that more leads to the inaccessibility of the data in the Word file.


Word file can get corrupt due to any of the following reasons:

Sudden or abrupt closure system computer
Removing the storage medium during wird file transfer between computer and storage media
Virus or malware attacks
intentional or accidental deletion


There are certain procedures to repair word that can recover the data, but not always. You can retrieve data from a current backup. However, a proper backup is not available all the time. Thus, in the absence of a proper backup, you can repair your corrrupt Word file and recover data from it by using a software repair of the Word. The software implements high composition algorithm to search and retrieve lost data due to damage Word file. Word file recovery is placed in the default location or the location described by the user.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Repairing Corrupt Word 2007 Files

Like other files word documents can be corrupted due to virus attack or improper system shutdown. This situation become worse when you have some important information in word files, these files could not be open by any other method until you repair it. There are two methods to word repair.

1) MS word In-build method
2) Use word repair software.

Both can repair your files in to original form. But first try MS word In-build method to repair if it didn't work then go with second method.

Steps to repair corrupted doc files: Fortunately MS word 2003, 2007 and 2010 have option to repair your corrupted doc and docx files. You need to follow few simple steps to repair your corrupt files.

1) Start MS word
2) Click on Office button and click on Open.
3) Select Corrupt files from open dialog box
4) Click down arrow which is next to open button. Open menu will pop up.
5) From Open menu select "Open and Repair"

Wait for a while word will repair your corrupt doc/docx files. You will able to see you file if word successfully repairs it otherwise a failure message will pop up. If MS word not able to repair your files then don't worry you can still access your valuable files with the use of word repair software.

These software uses highly sophisticated algorithm to scan your word file. These recovery tools recovers everything of your files like tables, bulleted lists, embedded images, charts, drawings etc. These are read-only software, it means that didn't alter your original file. It is advisable that first use demo version, when you are satisfied with the result in demo version then use full version of software.
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