How to repair excel workbook

MS Excel make our work really simple, it can manager very large amount of data and perform addition, multiplication, subtraction and division in fraction of seconds with great accuracy. Excel can handle very large amount of data and anyone which have little knowledge of computers can operate it. But some time our excel sheet did not open and give some errors, due to file get corrupted. All the hard work over a long period of time is wasted and lost.

Do not worry, there are several xls repair forms for you. And by chance, if not work, that have been keeping a backup. Always create backup of every important files and folders so that if your original data get damaged then you can use backup. If you not created backup then use excel repair software to get your valuable data back.

You may get this following Error message while working on excel 2003.

Errors were detected in 'filename. Xls, but Microsoft Excel to open the file by making repairs listed below. Save the file to make the changes permanent.

You may get this error in repair process:
Damage to the file was so extensive that repairs were not possible. Excel tries to recover your formulas and values, but some data may be lost or damaged.

Reason for a problem:
these message comes when excel sheet badly corrupted and MS office cannot perform recovery process.

There are several forms of recovery of MS Office Excel:

If you have Excel 2002 on the same system, try to open the workbook in that version of Excel. If so, copy and paste its contents in 2003. Is this a typical problem of corruption in the Excel file.
If the file does not open in this way, the use of the recovered copy of the book.
If that fails, then try to open the file using the Open and Repair command. This should solve the problem and help you perform. xls repair.
But if not, then you have to opt for Excel repair software. These are the tools of recovery needed to scan the book to identify problems in the file, and apply complex algorithms to repair.

With read-only nature of these tools in a copy of the original file to ensure that the amendments made by the application, if it is not acceptable to the user, not you lose the original file.


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