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Repair Corrupt Quickbooks Files If Backup Is Not Available

It is very mush possible that stored QuickBooks data can get corrupt any time. So it is advisable that always keep back-up of all your important data or files. There are number of reason due to which QuickBooks files may get corrupt, if you don't have updated backup then it is quite difficult to recover your data. In that case QuickBooks repair methods or software will be very helpful. Today I am sharing few appropriate QuickBooks recovery method to repair damaged QuickBooks files which you can try your own and no expertise required:
If you can Open corrupt file : In this situation, you can use inbuild tool verify and repair to repair corrupt QuickBooks file. Open QuickBooks click on File. In File menu Utilities>Verify Data. Run this tool two times. Then go to File > Utilities > Rebuild.
If you can't open corrupt file: This is the situation when you have least possibility to repair corrupt QuickBooks file. But in some cases these method works and retrieves data su…

How to Solve JPEG Image Error “Invalid Image File Header”

There are various reasons due to which JPEG files get corrupt. In each type of corruption you will find different type of error messages. Once you get such error you must have tried to render JPEG image with Backburner 3dsMax and again encounter to Error massage “Invalid Image File Header”. Due to this you may observe some broken texture and 3dsMax which could not open these images. Server could not find few JPEG images if you are using internet rendering.
JPEG file corruption can be the cause behind above written Error. If you are sure those jpg corruptions is main cause then use someJPEG repair method to fix it.
Here are few tips which you can use to find damaged images and resolve it.
Find problem files: Those jpeg file sizes are bigger than other jpeg in a folder. Over 100 kb. You can find file names from a net render error massage.
Photoshop can't open those files but Window's Paint can. Go to Windows > Accessories > Paint then open/ save images to jpeg again.

How to Solve Error of Corrupt PSD File

"There was a problem reading the layer data. Read the composite data instead?" If you are facing above error message it signifies that PSD file got corrupt. Let us take an example which has mostly faced by us. When you are trying to open a PSD file and an Error message pop up which says "There was a problem reading the layer data. Read the composite data instead?" when you click on “read composite data” you get another message which says "Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop". Above written errors indicates that your PSD file is get corrupt and you need to apply a PSD repair method or software to open this file. PSD files which are created by using Adobe Photoshop may also get damaged or corrupt due to several reasons. Improper system shutdown and virus attack causes PSD file corrupt.

Cause of the problem:
Above problem occurs when you try to access NTFS-formatted drive with Mac computer with t…

Recover Your Data from Corrupt/ Damaged Excel Workbook

MS excel workbook may get corrupt due to several reasons. These reasons could be:
1. It may be possible you can open the Excel file but data is corrupt. 2. File could not be open due to some disk error or network error.
If you are facing error as mentioned above then first you need to take the backup of your corrupt or damaged file before using excel recoverymethods.
Once you take the backup of the file then you can follow these methods to recover your file.
Method 1:If File can be open: Apply below written method if you can open corrupt or damaged file. Save your corrupt file in HTML format:
If you can open the corrupt MS Excel file, you can "filter" it and try to save it in HTML format, close the file, and then reopen it as follows: On the File menu, click Save As. In the Save as type list, click Web Page (*.htm, *.html).
Under Save, click Entire Workbook, and then click Save.
Close the file.
Open the file again in Excel.
On the File menu, click Save As.…

Free Method To Repair corrupt/damaged Excel Sheet

MS excel is one of the most important application which is used all over the world. Suppose a situation in which you are trying to open a excel file (.xls or .xlsx) but it could not be open and you get a message which says “File is corrupt and could not be open”. This message gives clear indication that your excel spreadsheet has been damaged or corrupt. There are several solutions are available to repair corrupt excel file. If excel file is severely damaged then excel repair is quite difficult.
Reason For Excel File Corruption : There are number of reasons due to which excel file get corrupt few of then are explained below. Try to avoid below written situation to avoid excel file corruption.
Bad Sectors in hard drive: Over the time hard drive may creates some bad sectors and if excel file is within bad sectors then excel file will get corrupt. Improper system shutdown : This is one of the most common reason for excel file corruption. If excel file is open and you shutdown …