Repair Corrupt Quickbooks Files If Backup Is Not Available

It is very mush possible that stored QuickBooks data can get corrupt any time. So it is advisable that always keep back-up of all your important data or files. There are number of reason due to which QuickBooks files may get corrupt, if you don't have updated backup then it is quite difficult to recover your data. In that case QuickBooks repair methods or software will be very helpful. Today I am sharing few appropriate QuickBooks recovery method to repair damaged QuickBooks files which you can try your own and no expertise required:

If you can Open corrupt file : In this situation, you can use inbuild tool verify and repair to repair corrupt QuickBooks file.
  1. Open QuickBooks click on File.
  2. In File menu Utilities>Verify Data. Run this tool two times.
  3. Then go to File > Utilities > Rebuild.

If you can't open corrupt file: This is the situation when you have least possibility to repair corrupt QuickBooks file. But in some cases these method works and retrieves data successfully.

  1. If you are using XP run add remove programs and do a repair on QuickBooks and try to access the file.
  2. If you are using Vista or Win 7 go to Programs documents and settings and repair QuickBooks. Then try to access the file.
  3. If you have your CD and license and product code, uninstall QuickBooks and reinstall it. Then try to access the file.
Above written methods work when QuickBooks files are minor damaged. If files are severely damaged then it is possibility that above written methods will not able to repair corrupt QuickBooks files. In that situation you need to take help from QuickBooks support team or you can go with third party QuickBooks recovery software.


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