How to Solve JPEG Image Error “Invalid Image File Header”

There are various reasons due to which JPEG files get corrupt. In each type of corruption you will find different type of error messages. Once you get such error you must have tried to render JPEG image with Backburner 3dsMax and again encounter to Error massage “Invalid Image File Header”. Due to this you may observe some broken texture and 3dsMax which could not open these images. Server could not find few JPEG images if you are using internet rendering.

JPEG file corruption can be the cause behind above written Error. If you are sure those jpg corruptions is main cause then use some JPEG repair method to fix it.

Here are few tips which you can use to find damaged images and resolve it.

  1. Find problem files: Those jpeg file sizes are bigger than other jpeg in a folder. Over 100 kb. You can find file names from a net render error massage.

  1. Photoshop can't open those files but Window's Paint can. Go to Windows > Accessories > Paint then open/ save images to jpeg again.

If you get same error in MS paint that means you JPEG image is severally damaged and you need to repair it with JPEG repair software. JPEG Repair Software is powerful tool which uses sophisticated algorithm to scan you corrupt JPEG file, when it get exact problem then repair it by using advanced repair method. Find JPEG repair software which is compatible with your system configuration.


  1. Thankyou! This helped me a little, but maybe you will be able to help more if you know my specific problem;
    Yesterday my favourite teacher left, we all got photos with him, I was looking at mine on the way home (blah blah blah) then when I was home I moved it to a folder (ON MY PHONE) ready to hook up to my laptop and upload to facebook. I moved it to the wrong folder so I deleted it, thinking it would just delete the image in THAT folder and keep the original. WRONG. I was utterly devastated. I managed to recover the photo with a deleted photo recovery software, and the thumbnail is now clearly visible on my phone but when I click on it, it says 'cannot read file'. People say this could be if it is either corrupt or invalid. I tried some softwares to help if it was corrupt, but nothing changed so I'm thinking it might be invalid. When displayed on the computer, it doesn't show either by the way. I noticed that the other photos that worked had names like 'i00063' whilst THIS particuar photo shows as 'i00000'. Could this be part of the problem? PLEASE SAY THERE IS A WAY TO FIX THIS, I AM SO UPSET RIGHT NOW TO THINK ALL I DID WAS ACCIDENTLY DELETE IT AND I HAVE SPENT ALL YESTERDAY AND NOW THIS MORNING TRYING TO SIMPLY GET IT BACK! THANKYOU :)

  2. This message 'cannot read file' comes in two cases either your photos get corrupted or the photos are not get recovered properly. First try Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software free trial version to check the preview of your photos, if it shows the preview then it get confirm that your photos get corrupted & the software definately repair your corrupt photos. If the software does not show the preview of your photos, it means photos are not get recovered properly then you should try Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software to properly recover your deleted photos!!

  3. Hello,
    i tried jpeg repair but it didnt work and it says "important marker missing"
    PLEASE HELP, i am in a deep shit :((

    1. The error i.e. "important marker missing" which you are facing because the marker got damaged. If you are repairing a bunch of file together then it might be possible you receive this error again and again. But originally those file will get repaired whose marker is correct. We cannot repair the JPEG file whose marker got damaged.

  4. I am not able to open my images.
    It says 'invalid image'.
    When i tried stellar jpeg repair it say ' you do not have the permission to open this file_name'.
    Plese reply.


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