Free Method To Repair corrupt/damaged Excel Sheet

MS excel is one of the most important application which is used all over the world. Suppose a situation in which you are trying to open a excel file (.xls or .xlsx) but it could not be open and you get a message which says “File is corrupt and could not be open”. This message gives clear indication that your excel spreadsheet has been damaged or corrupt. There are several solutions are available to repair corrupt excel file. If excel file is severely damaged then excel repair is quite difficult.

Reason For Excel File Corruption : There are number of reasons due to which excel file get corrupt few of then are explained below. Try to avoid below written situation to avoid excel file corruption.

  1. Bad Sectors in hard drive: Over the time hard drive may creates some bad sectors and if excel file is within bad sectors then excel file will get corrupt.
  2. Improper system shutdown : This is one of the most common reason for excel file corruption. If excel file is open and you shutdown your computer then it have large possibility that excel file will get corrupt.
  3. Virus attack : There are several virus are present that have capability to corrupt excel files.
  4. Improper Downloaded: Improper downloaded excel file may also get corrupt.

Solution : Microsoft support given number of methods to repair corrupt of damaged excel files. But these methods will not works when excel file is severely damaged. In that case you need to apply some other method to repair corrupt excel sheet.

One FREE software that called Corrupt Xlsx2csv is available which can be use for use for excel recovery purpose. Download this software and install it.
Step 1) Select corrupt excel 2007 file and click open.
Step 2) To save all recovered Excel files in .csv format, click Step 2.

Note : Above method is work only for Excel 2007. To repair excel files created by using excel 2003,XP you need to use excel repair software.


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