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Important features of MS Excel 2016

MS Excel 2016 is more enhanced with its feature. For windows and OS X, MS office 2016 will release tomorrow (22-Sept-2015). You can easily download its preview from the official site and they are also providing the product key for office 2016 preview. This preview will be available on your system until you uninstall office 2016 preview or office 2016 is released. So get ready to know about few of them like Power-Query and Business Analytics. Read this post to know about them.

Power Query Power query is not a new feature for Excel users but this time it is more integrated and available as an inbuilt feature of MS Excel 2016. This feature is available in Excel 2010 and 2013 as Add-in. In MS Excel 2016, this feature is available in Get & Transform section which provides fast, easy data gathering and shaping capabilities.

Image courtesy: Microsoft
I will discuss some important feature that you can achieve with power query in Excel 2016:
Data Connectivity: This feature is more updated i…