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Excel 2013 Quick Analysis Feature

Microsoft introduced a new feature in Excel 2013 to organize and analyze data easily named as Quick Analysis. This feature includes five options such as formatting, total, Sparklines, tables, and charts. With the help of these options, you can apply formatting to data and convert that data into the form of charts or PivotTables etc. As the name itself indicates, it performs all these tasks quickly and with a minimal number of steps.  All Quick Analysis features are dynamic, it means when you select the range of data, all these options will appear on the type of data, you’ve selected. Here is small look of Quick Analysis Feature:

How to use Quick Analysis Feature:

First select the data as much you want & you will see Quick Analysis option at lower-right corner of your data set or You can also use shortcut the Ctrl + Q to open Quick Analysis Feature:

When you click on this option then you will see the following options for converting your data as below:

Let’s have a look of all follo…