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Top Excel 2013 Free & Featured Apps

An App is the combination of an XML manifest file and a webpage as you can clearly check in below picture: 

App for Office= App Manifest + Webpage  

Excel Apps is one of the best & most exciting feature of version 2013. These Apps allow you to  add more additional functionality to your documents that provides more unified web-based extensibility platform for Excel.  Microsoft added many different free & featured apps for Excel 2013 which you can easily download from Microsoft Store. You can use these apps in all Office 2013 and Office 365 versions like Home Premium and Small Business Premium. There are two types of apps available for Excel: Content apps and Task pane apps. 

Content Apps:  Content apps allow you to extend apps with custom content. These apps are embedded inside your worksheet and saved with it. 

Task Pane Apps: We can use Task Pane Apps side-by-side with an Office document. While you are working in these apps, it opens a task pane on the right side of Excel Sheet.…