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How to fix JPEG File Error: 'Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture'

Have you ever suffer with this error message when you are trying to view your pictures in Windows Photo Viewer/Gallery: 

“Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because the file appears to be damaged, corrupted, or is too large.”

My picture file extension was. Jpg. I found some solutions of the error. Here are all: 


1. Try to open them in another program and resave them. You can do it by changing the default program which Windows uses as default. Open Default Programs by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Default Programs. 

In Default Programs, you can set default programs accordingly to your choice. Try these steps to do this task: 

a. Right click of the images, open properties, click Change.

b. In ‘Open with’ window, open Other Programs and select Windows Photo Viewer as default program or other program which you want to open with.

c. Click Ok, all your images will open in Windows default photo viewer.

2. Download and install irfanview - do you still get the sa…

How to Print PDF Documents?

If you are unable to print your PDF file then there are three main causes behind this. Here is the list: 
1. Printer Issues: It can be due to printer connection, check these points: 
1.Turn off your printer. Wait till some seconds, and then turn it on again & Try to print the PDF again.
2.You should update to the latest printer driver. 
2. PDF File Issues: It can be due to some PDF File problems such as PDF File corruption, PDF File version etc. Check these points: 
a. Try to download PDF File again: Sometimes when you receive PDF by email or try to download pdf file from, it contains corrupt data. In this case, try to download the PDF again. Copy the file directly to your hard drive to print. b. Save your PDF file with new name:  You can save your pdf file by using this option: choose File > Save As with a new name (letters and numbers). Now try to print PDF file. c. Re-create the PDF file: Re-create your PDF File by following steps: 1. First try to open PDF file in original progra…

How to fix Zip File Error: “unexpected end of archive winrar”

I've recently discovered a new problem with my Winrar. Whenever I try to download Zip file, it states following error message:

I thought that the error occurs because zip file is not fully download as the download starts and then immediately ends and gives me the 'unexpected end of archive' error message. then I again try to download same Zip file. Again it states same error message.

What is this error mean?

The Zip File error "Unexpected end of archive", means that the file is not completed download or Zip File is get corrupted. Winrar has inbuilt function to repair corrupt Zip file. Here are the steps:

Recovery Steps: 

1. Open WinRAR, Select the file>>Tools>>click the Repair button. The program will now attempt a repair.

2. If your archive file has ZIP extension then select “Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP ” otherwise choose “Treat the corrupt archive as RAR” option. Click OK.

3. If the program shows that the recovery record found on Winrar GUI then…

How to Fix PowerPoint Error Message: "PowerPoint is unable to display some of the text.."

I was working on Powerpoint 2003. When I tried to open some .ppt files, it encountered the following error: 

Have you ever suffered with this error If YES! then read this article to find the error solution. 
After that I tried to save presentation from "save as" option with different name as given in error message. But still it showed following error message:  
“PowerPoint was unable to display some of the text, images, or objects as slides in the file (name) because they have become corrupt. Affected slides have been replaced by blank slides in the presentation and it is not possible to recover lost information. To ensure that the file can be opened in previous versions of PowerPoint, use the Save As command and save the file with the same name or a new name.”
Error Message Description: As the error message indicates that file has been corrupted so I tried to run the 'detect and repair' option but still No Luck!! 
I had spent hundreds of hours over many years to develop …

How to Fix Word File Error: "The file is not available"

When I select my word file to open, I receive following error message:

"the file abc is not available" 
Have you ever suffered with this error then this post is definitely for you. This error occurs due to many reasons. Here are list of reasons & solutions:
Cause 1: When the default program is set to other program instead of Microsoft Word then this error occurs. 
Solution 1: If this error occurs due to cause then first you should going to your Docs folder and double-clicking on the Word doc itself, without opening up Word. If MS Word opens up, with your document, it is confirm that the default program is MS Word.. If another application opens up like Wordpad or Notepad) then you need to re-associate *.DOC with MS Word. You can change it by following steps:
Go to Start > Programs > Default Programs and select ' Associate a file type or protocol with a program' 
Cause 2: This error occurs due to virus checkers. 
Solution 2: You can solve this issue by uninstaling o…