How to Fix Word File Error: "The file is not available"

When I select my word file to open, I receive following error message:

"the file abc is not available" 

Have you ever suffered with this error then this post is definitely for you. This error occurs due to many reasons. Here are list of reasons & solutions:

Cause 1: When the default program is set to other program instead of Microsoft Word then this error occurs. 

Solution 1: If this error occurs due to cause then first you should going to your Docs folder and double-clicking on the Word doc itself, without opening up Word. If MS Word opens up, with your document, it is confirm that the default program is MS Word.. If another application opens up like Wordpad or Notepad) then you need to re-associate *.DOC with MS Word. You can change it by following steps:

Go to Start > Programs > Default Programs and select ' Associate a file type or protocol with a program' 

Cause 2: This error occurs due to virus checkers. 

Solution 2: You can solve this issue by uninstaling other programs that could interfere, so I uninstalled my antivirus, or something like that, and it worked. It was the last thing I had installed before having this problem. 

Cause 3: This error occurs when you try to open the file which is infected with a virus, or when the file has been damaged. 

Solution 3: If nothing opens up the file, then you may need to run a "Detect and Repair". Here is the path: Start \ Programs \ Microsoft Office \ Microsoft Office Tools \ Microsoft Office Diagnostics.

Last Solution: If all above solution does not work then it means that word file is severely get damage. In this case, you should use third party Word Repair software to repair corrupt doc or docx files.  

Hope the article will help you to resolve "the file abc is not available" error message. 


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