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A Useful Program for Windows Backup files Recovery

Windows backup file exists in the three file formats (BKF, ZIP and VHDX) and these formats depend on the version of operating system. In Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, backup file is created in VHDX format. The ZIP file is created in Windows 8/7/Vista and BKF file is created in Windows 2003/2000 and XP. Backup files are the best way to get the data back but what will happen when your backup file got corrupted? To know the answer just stays on the blog and I will tell you the solution to repair the backup files.

There are so many tools are available for windows backup file recovery but I found a single tool which is able to repair all types of backup files. The tool name is Stellar Phoenix Windows Backup Recovery and it is developed by one of the best data recovery firm. Let’s check the recovery process step by step:

Step 1: I downloaded the tool from official website

Step 2: Now I installed on my machine.

Step 3: The software interface automatically opened after competition of the installa…

How to resolve excel format error

Microsoft Excel is very helpful for the user because it gives the capability to create spreadsheet to organize the data in a correct way. Sometimes when a user performs an inappropriate action then it throws errors. Excel format error is a very common error for excel users but you should be aware of its reasons and solutions. Generally, it occurs when user completed the work and tries to save the file. This error doesn’t allow to the user to save the file and by this, a user can lose the important data.

An insight about the error

“Too many different cell formats” – this error comes many times when a user format a cell or the cell ranges in Excel 2003. The complete error message looks like this:

Too many different cell formats.
Excel encountered an error and had to remove some formatting to avoid corrupting the workbook.

In MS Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013, the formatting error looks like this:

Excel found unreadable content in the file.

I downloaded a file from the web and got the same error…

Solve the QuickBooks Error -6144 -82 in Few Simple Steps

QuickBooks is accounting software created by Intuit and helps to manage the business finances in one place. It is used by more than 1.3 million users in the world because it comes with the country edition. Intuit also provides the support for QuickBooks files. As there are many features in this software so the small corruption or error can turn into a huge disaster. Some errors are update related which is caused by the following reasons:

Multiple instances of the QuickBooks on the single system. (Example: QuickBooks Enterprise solution 7.0 and premier edition 2007)Firewall or internet security related setting

According to Google Adwords Monthly Searches, the QuickBooks error -6144, -82 is searched by many users. This error occurs for the following reasons:
If QuickBooks .TLG (Transaction Log File) or .ND (Network Data) files are damaged.If the user permission has not been set up to share the company file
Let’s discuss the solutions to troubleshoot this problem one by one:

Solution 1: To…