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How to solve error “invalid jpeg marker” of corrupt JPEG images

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This is a usual case, at the time of formatting a hard drive you move your important files, images and documents in other drive or disk, so that they could not accidentally get deleted. After formatting when you try to open your documents and images, you get an error message which says that files could not open due to certain reasons. In the case of JPEG images you get error message “invalid jpeg marker” and you could not open your valuable images. This is the case of JPEG file corruption and you need to apply some jpeg repair method or JPEG recovery software to fix your problem.
In some case of JPEG image corruption you are able to see thumbnail of the images but these images could not open. There is no specific reason for above problem. It can be due to virus attack, missing some files, header corruption or change in file extension etc.
Below few methods are written which you can try…
It might be possible that file extension of all JPEG files are get changed…

Recover Data from corrput PDF file by copy data from a damaged fileinto a new file


PDF files are known as one of the most secure data files because owner can set different access levels for different type of uses. PDF documents need less memory space than other documents so these can be easily send through email. But these secure acrobat pdf documents may get corrupt at the time of download or upload. In the case of PDF file corruption there are two possibilities 1) Corrupt file will open but original data will not shown 2) Corrupt file will not open. In both type of corruption you need to apply some PDF repair methods or use PDF recovery software to access your original data.
Few methods are available to repair corrupt PDF documents. You can copy and paste corrupt data in to new file is one such method. This method works for few cases not for severely damaged cases.
Following are the steps to apply above method..
Open the damaged file, and then choose Object > Path > Cleanup to remove unwanted items (for example, stray points, unpainted objects,…

Easy way to Repair Corrupt Word File

It may be possible you too have experienced the same, while working on some important MS word document suddenly your system get shut down due to power failure or any other reason. Next time when you open your word document it shows some error which says document file is unable to open in MS word. Your all attempt to open that file may get failed due to file get severely damaged. As solution you need to apply some recovery method or word recovery tool to repair corrupt word document.
Microsoft office support offer few methods to repair severely damaged word documents. One such method is Insert corrupt word document as a file in new word document. This methods work perfectly in several corruption cases but not in all. Recovery of your word file will depend on how severely files damaged. Follow the steps given below to apply above method...

On the File menu, click New.
Select Blank document.
On the Insert menu, click File.

In the Insert File dialog box, locate and select the dama…

How to use command line add-on to repair invalid zip files

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Zipped file make it much easier to send and receive large files through e-mails. With the use of compressed files format (like .zip) we can convert large files into small files that can be sending via e-mail. But these zip file may get corrupt due to several reason like virus attack, at the time of attachment with slow Internet; improper downloading of zipped files etc. In the file zip corruption situation you cannot access your data which is present inside zipped file. In that case you need to use some repair method or use zip recovery software to repair corrupt zipped file.
WinZip offers several methods to repair corrupt .zip or .zipx files depend of corruption cases. Invalid zip file corruption case can be handled by WinZip Command Line Support Add-On. But this command line support add-on not support of all version of WinZip it works for WinZip 10.0 and later versions. Depends on your version of WinZip you can download appropriate version of command line support…

How To Use External References To link To Repair The Corrupted Exce File

There are two types of corrupt MS excel files. First one those can be open and the second one those can't be open. Files those are get open are little bit easy to repair with the use of “open and repair” utility of MS excel. But It is quite difficult to repair corrupt excel files which can't be open. You need to use some third party excel repair software or apply some special methods to repair these types of files.
Microsoft provides few methods to open corrupt excel files which can't open one such method is “Use external references to link to the corrupted file”. But there are some limitations with this method. It doesn't recover formulas or values from the workbook, it only recover data. So use this method when you want to retrieve only data part of excel workbook.
Follow the steps given below:

On the File menu, click Open. Then, browse from the current folder to the folder that contains the damaged file, and click Cancel.
Click New on the File menu, …

How to fix MS excel 2010 error “The file is corrupt cannot be opened”

After installing updated version of Microsoft office 2010, it may possible that documents created in lower version of MS office will not open. These errors are quite often with MS excel 2010. when you tried to open excel (.xls) file with MS excel 2010 which are created in MS excel 2007 or 2003, a error message “The file is corrupt cannot be opened” will pop up and you will not able to access your excel spreadsheet. In the above case their are two possibilities 1) Excel file actually get corrupt or 2) It is Microsoft office 2010 error. If excel files actually get corrupt then you need a excel repair software to fix it. For second reason Microsoft provide solution.
If you excel file opens perfectly in MS excel 2007 or 2003 but could open in MS office 2010 then you can fix it with below written methods.
Method 1: In this method you need to change and repair MS office 2010.
Click Start, click Control Panel, click Programs, and then click Uninstall a program under Programs and …