Recover Data from corrput PDF file by copy data from a damaged fileinto a new file


PDF files are known as one of the most secure data files because owner can set different access levels for different type of uses. PDF documents need less memory space than other documents so these can be easily send through email. But these secure acrobat pdf documents may get corrupt at the time of download or upload. In the case of PDF file corruption there are two possibilities 1) Corrupt file will open but original data will not shown 2) Corrupt file will not open.
In both type of corruption you need to apply some PDF repair methods or use PDF recovery software to access your original data.

Few methods are available to repair corrupt PDF documents. You can copy and paste corrupt data in to new file is one such method. This method works for few cases not for severely damaged cases.

Following are the steps to apply above method..

  1. Open the damaged file, and then choose Object > Path > Cleanup to remove unwanted items (for example, stray points, unpainted objects, empty text paths) from the artwork. 

  2. If the original file contains multiple layers, choose Paste Remembers Layers from the Layers Panel pop-up menu to ensure the artwork appears on the same layers when you paste it into the new file. 

  3. Using the Selection tool, drag a marquee around the artwork. 

  4. Choose Edit > Copy. 

  5. Choose File > New to create a new file. 

  6. In the new file, choose Edit > Paste In Front to paste the artwork in the correct position on the page. 

  7. Choose File > Save.
This method will probably repair your corrupt PDF file. In case this method didn't work for you then use appropriate PDF repair software to get access of original data. You need to select an advanced repair tool which is compatible with your system configuration.


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