How to solve error “invalid jpeg marker” of corrupt JPEG images

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This is a usual case, at the time of formatting a hard drive you move your important files, images and documents in other drive or disk, so that they could not accidentally get deleted. After formatting when you try to open your documents and images, you get an error message which says that files could not open due to certain reasons. In the case of JPEG images you get error message “invalid jpeg marker” and you could not open your valuable images. This is the case of JPEG file corruption and you need to apply some jpeg repair method or JPEG recovery software to fix your problem.
In some case of JPEG image corruption you are able to see thumbnail of the images but these images could not open. There is no specific reason for above problem. It can be due to virus attack, missing some files, header corruption or change in file extension etc.
Below few methods are written which you can try…
  1. It might be possible that file extension of all JPEG files are get changed. It is advisable that please check file extension it must me .jpg or jpeg (in the case of JPEG files).
  2. Try to open these images with Photoshop then save images in JPEG format.
  3. Sometimes it is due to image viewer’s problem, so try to open images in different image viewer.
  4. Try to open these images through web browser.

If your problem persists after applying these methods then you need to use some JPEG repair software to repair corrupt JPEG files. First use demo version of these tools, in demo version you are able to see recoverable images. If you are satisfied with result then go with full version.
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  1. Hi there, I'm afraid I need some serious help!
    To cut the story short - I accidentally deleted VERY important image of mine, and I recovered it with a recovery software. However, it did not recover properly and the image cann't be viewed! On my computer it says 'no preview available' or 'this is not a valid bitmap file or it's format is not currently supported'. On my phone, the thumbnail actually shows, but it says 'cannot read file' when I click it.

    PLEASE HELP ME, and I can't pay, I'm only 14 :(


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