How to fix MS excel 2010 error “The file is corrupt cannot be opened”

After installing updated version of Microsoft office 2010, it may possible that documents created in lower version of MS office will not open. These errors are quite often with MS excel 2010. when you tried to open excel (.xls) file with MS excel 2010 which are created in MS excel 2007 or 2003, a error message “The file is corrupt cannot be opened” will pop up and you will not able to access your excel spreadsheet. In the above case their are two possibilities 1) Excel file actually get corrupt or 2) It is Microsoft office 2010 error. If excel files actually get corrupt then you need a excel repair software to fix it. For second reason Microsoft provide solution.

If you excel file opens perfectly in MS excel 2007 or 2003 but could open in MS office 2010 then you can fix it with below written methods.

Method 1: In this method you need to change and repair MS office 2010.

  1. Click Start, click Control Panel, click Programs, and then click Uninstall a program under Programs and Features.
  2. Select Microsoft Office.
  3. Click Change, and then wait while the change and repair is carried out.
  4. Exit after the process is completed.
  5. Double-click the Excel file that you want to open or open the file through an HTML link as you could by using previous versions of the program.

Method 2: In this method you need to change some file block setting which are responsible to open any files.
  1. Open MS Excel and click on File.
  2. In File menu click on Options.

  3. Then click on Trust Center --> Trust Center Settings.

  4. Then go to File Block Settings and uncheck Excel 97-2003 and Excel 2007.

One of these methods will most probably fix above written error message. If above methods didn't solve your problem then you need to contact MS office 2010 support team or you can try Excel recovery software to fix your problem.


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