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How To Repair Corrupt JPEG Images By System Restore

Damaged files inside the Microsoft Windows operating system is one of the cause of JPEG image corruption. You may get several types of error messages, when you are trying to open corrupt JPEG image files. You can easily repair JPG images which may get corrupt due to windows operating system data corruption. There are two options to JPEG repairfirst use manual method, second use JPEG recovery software.
Cause: Missing or damaged operating system files are main cause of image file corruption. Other causes can be an incomplete deletion of files, a partial installation of program, incorrect or incomplete erasure of applications software. Incorrect system shutdown and virus or spyware attack can corrupt JPEG files.
Solution:There are several JPEG repair method and software are available which could be use to repair corrupt JPEG files. Here I am sharing about manual method to repair corrupt image files by system restore.
Start up your pc and then login as an admin.
Click on the Get starte…

Free Method to Recover Data from Corrupt Excel Spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheet corruption leads to loss of valuable data. If you are facing same situation then you can repair corrupt or damaged Microsoft excel spreadsheet through excel repair method. There are different methods available to recover the data. You just need to identify the cause of corruption so that you can apply the suitable method to recover data.
I am explaining the methods to recover data from corrupt excel spreadsheet in a new sheet. You may find this method bit time consuming if you have tons of individual workbooks and it will recovers only data, not formulas from cells.
I am sharing following steps which you can try your own:
Open a blank Excel sheet. Paste following formula (without quotes) : “=FileName!A1” in to cal A1. Don’t forget to replace Filename with your corrupt file name.

A window will pop up, which contains all worksheets. Select name of your First worksheets and click OK. The first cell of your original damaged worksheet should now appear in ce…

How to Solve Corruption of of MS Word

Image file is template file and it is the basis of all new word files. MS word documents may get corrupt if file get corrupt. The corruption can be possible when user creates macros, migrating profiles or at the time of creating custom templates which accidentally overwrite the file. To fix file corruption apply word repair methods as given below:
To fix file corruption you need someone (Your friend or colleague) who have same version of MS office and can send same version of word file.
Step1. Make all hidden and protected files visible in file viewer. Follow these steps to make files visible.
File --> Tools --> Folder Options Click the View Tab Show Hidden files & Uncheck the two Hide Options
Step2. Fix Corruption Open up Explorer and navigate to: C: / Documents and settings / / Application Data / Microsoft / Templates Copy and paste file that you get from someone (Yes - replace the current version).
Above written…

Zip Repair or RAR File Repair Solution for an Error “This is not a valid win32 application”

WinZip and WinRAR are the most important and widely used software to compress file. These tools have excellent compression capabilities due to this WinZip and WinRar are most in the demand from all over the Globe. Once we compress the files then we can get more storage space in the hard disk. User can send large files as attachment through email very easily after compressing the large file with WinZip and WinRAR tools. But sometimes these compressed files get corrupt due to several reasons and users get few errors while accessing compressed .zip or .RAR files. To repair these corrupted Zip files it is important to use Zip Repair tools.
Cause: There are several reasons due to which compressed files (.zip or .rar) may get corrupt few are as follows: Due to virus attack Improper System Shutdown Improper Download etc.
If zip files affected by any of above written reason then it is possible to face these written errors. "Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive"…