How to Solve Corruption of of MS Word file is template file and it is the basis of all new word files. MS word documents may get corrupt if file get corrupt. The corruption can be possible when user creates macros, migrating profiles or at the time of creating custom templates which accidentally overwrite the file. To fix file corruption apply word repair methods as given below:

To fix file corruption you need someone (Your friend or colleague) who have same version of MS office and can send same version of word file.

Step1. Make all hidden and protected files visible in file viewer. Follow these steps to make files visible.

  1. File --> Tools --> Folder Options
  2. Click the View Tab
  3. Show Hidden files & Uncheck the two Hide Options

Step2. Fix Corruption
  1. Open up Explorer and navigate to:
C: / Documents and settings / / Application Data / Microsoft / Templates
  1. Copy and paste file that you get from someone (Yes - replace the current version).
Above written method can fix file corruption problem. Almost in every case this method works perfectly fine but there are also possibilities that sometime it couldn't fix your problem then you need to use advanced word recovery methods and software to repair corrupt files.


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