How to solve “Could not complete you request because it is not a valid Photoshop document” PSD file Error

While working on Adobe Photoshop, some time you get several type of errors “PSD file corruption” errors are one of then. Some time when you try to open a photoshop file (.psd) you get a error message which “Could not complete you request because it is not a valid Photoshop document”. This message means that your file is not in proper format which can be recognize by photo shop. This means that header part of your photoshop file is get corrupt, damaged or changed thats why photoshop not able to open it. In this case you need to apply some method to fix header part of your .psd file or use PSD repair software.

Here I am explaining a real case which is faced by one of my friend. He have same problem, he try to compare hex code corrupt PSD files with normal PSD file. He found that due to unknown reason, Photoshop is adding few extra bytes in the beginning of PSD files at the time when you save. The same photoshop give error when you try to PSD file created with it. Since signature of PSD file is get change due to these extra bytes thats why Photoshop could cot recognise these files. To fix this error you need to remove these extra bytes with the use of Hex editor.

Assuming that you already know what is a HEX editor (WinHex) and how to use it I'll write here a few steps you can do before opening a "corrupt" PSD file:

1 - Make a back-up (copy) of the file before making any changes.
2 - Open the "corrupted" file in an usual HEX editor (NOT text editor!) and look for such groups of character just in the beginning: 8BPS and after a few bytes 8BIM another group of bytes and again 8BIM.
3 - This succession should be respected strictly: 8BPS ... 8BIM ... 8BIM. These groups should be very close to each other and it's easy to find them.
4 - Delete all bytes before 8BPS group (Shift+Delete) and save the file.
5 - Open it in Photoshop and Enjoy.

The above method will surely resolve your problem of “Could not complete you request because it is not a valid Photoshop document” . But due to any reason if your problem persist then go with PSD repair software to fix your problem.


  1. Help! The hex editor showed only empty codes of my psd file. How am I going to solve this. It isn't working we tried to recover it even with Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop. Nothing works! Anything please! I need to really recover my file.

  2. You should also try Stellar Phoenix PSD Repair to repair your corrupted PSD files. First try its demo version. The demo version shows the preview of PSD file. Please let me know if you found any difficulty in using the software!!

  3. Hi, I tried the editor and, like the person before me, it showed only empty 00 codes (the whole file is like 34MB). I also tried Stellar (demo ver), but it says "an unamed file was not found". Is there any other way to recover the file?

  4. It is difficult to say anything without file, So I would request you to send me your corrupted file. We can easily check your file with the software and give you the status of the file. We can also define that whether this problem can be resolve by software or not. My email id is:

  5. Oh my gosh I have the same problem (when it says "an unnamed file was not found") and when I try try to open it in photoshop it says "Could not complete your request because the file name was not valid"

  6. As I have already discussed in my post that if the above method does not resolve your issue then you should try PSD repair software to fix your problem. Stellar Phoenix PSD Repair is one of the best tool!!!

  7. I could see the codes, I tried saving it but it says with this evaluation version you cannot save files that are larger than 200 KB, however you can create back ups of such files at anytime for future use with the full version

  8. same thing happened to me, i replaced the extension type to .tiff -didn't work. Replaced it with .pdf -it worked!!!

    1. Hi,

      Glad to know that you have fixed the problem.


  9. Hello Adam, How are you. I was working on PSD file, i was saving it time to time. Suddenly power failure occurs and my pc got shut down. When i turned my PC on and tried opening that saved file it gave the same error " could not complete your request because its not a valid Photoshop document" . I also tired that PSD repair tool you mentioned in your post but it gives the error "file format not supported" while rest of PSD file are being scanned with that tool. Kindly help me out. I don't loss my 2 hours of efforts.

    1. Hi Blogo,

      Thanks for the posting!!!

      Mentioned tool supports Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2 & CS1.

      Can you please share version of your Photoshop?


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