How to Solve PDF file Error Message “File does not begin with %PDF”

While working with PDF (Portable Document Format) file you may have faced several types of errors. Some of these errors occur due to virus attack, permission settings and improper download. When you download PDF files from internet, then there is high probability that PDF file may get corrupt. In the case of PDF file corruption you may receive several types of errors such as “File does not begin with %PDF”. This error will pop up at the time when you are trying to open a corrupt PDF file. Sometimes this error will not allow you to open PDF file. Then you need to apply some good method or advanced PDF repair tool to repair corrupt PDF file.

Here I am explaining few methods which you can apply to overcome from above written error message. There can be several causes of this error message, so we must have to apply all written methods one by one if exact cause is not confirmed.


  1. First of all check and confirm the correct file format (.pdf).
  2. If you are using IE (Internet Explorer) then use correct and recommended method to save your file.
  3. Disable the "Display PDF in Browser" option in your reader software.
  • Use Start - Programs - Adobe Reader to run the program directly (instead of running Reader as an embedded function within the web browser).
  • Pull down the Edit menu of the Reader and choose Preferences.
  • In the Internet settings group/panel, de-select (uncheck) the "Display PDF in Browser" option.

In case there is no error with above written situations then check for PDF file corruption. Suppose PDF file is corrupt then you need to use some advanced PDF file repair software to repair your damaged file. PDF File repair tools are safe to use because these are read-only tools and did not alter your original files and uses a very sophisticated algorithm to scan your corrupt file. Select that tool which is compatible with your system configuration.


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