How to solve QuickBooks Error Code: 20890 78242

While working on QuickBooks, you may have experienced several types of error messages such as alert message, some may be warnings and some may be problem messages. In the case of problem error messages, QuickBooks may do not allow you to work properly. Even in some cases QuickBooks could not open. There are several reasons for these errors like QuickBooks not installed or updated properly, virus attack and QuickBooks database corruption etc. Intuit define each error with a code and offer some sort of solution and tools for each one, Repair data utility is a in build tool for QuickBooks repair and fix damaged file error codes.
Here I am explaining QuickBooks error code 20890 78242 which is actually faced by my friend. He is using windows server 2003 SP2 and QuickBooks enterprise solution 11.0. He updated his QuickBooks version from 10.0 to 11.0. For a week or so it works perfect but from past few days he is continuously getting “Error Code: 20890 78242” and he have to always click “Don't send” two times and re-start program again.
We have searched on Internet for solution of this problem and found a solution which was very useful for my friend. People who are facing this error can also try this method to fix error.
  • Hold the CTRL key.
  • Double Click the Quickbooks shortcut.
  • Select the file and click open.
  • Enter User Name and Enter Password but DO NOT CLICK on OK.
  • Hold the ALT key and click OK.

Above procedure will fix your problem of error code 20890 78242. And you are to use QuickBooks properly. If you are facing some other error code messages then you can contact me for solution.


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