How to repair corrupt word file when MS word fail to repair

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Every computer user face MS word corruption problem due to any of the one reason behind this it may be saving the file when you are running out of resources, with a corrupt template, or while working with master documents, nested tables, etc. Recover Text Converter is a feature included in MS Office suite of applications that allows us to recover text from any file corrupt MS Office. This feature can retain headers, footers, footnotes and any form of simple text but not able not able to convert images, fields, drawing objects etc. In some cases of corruption, it may be possible that the Recover Text converter is not able to identify the type of corruption. This can result in the loss of valuable information stored in the corrupt Word file, which in turn requires you to go for the repair of the Word by using trusted word repair software.

For example, you have MS Word 2000 Standard Edition installed on your system. When you are trying to open a Word file with "Recover Text from Any File", you may receive the following error message on the computer screen:
"Word encountered file corruption while opening. Part of this document may be recovered. Attempt recovery now?"
After you click "Yes" comes back the same error message.
"Recover Text from Any File” converter is not able to understand and interpret the type corruption in Word file.

This would make your Word file inaccessible and you may lose all the valuable information stored in file. To overcome this situation you can repair the damaged word file by using an updated backup. If you do not have a backup, you must follow the steps below resolution.

You can try any of these steps to resolve the problem,
Try saving the file in RTF format and then convert that file in to Word format. RTF file format helps keep all the formatting from the original Word document.
If you still have corruption after you save the file in RTF format, you should try to save in other file formats those are supported by MS word.
If you have identified the region of corruption in the Word file, copy the rest of the file contents to a new document. Then save and reopen the damaged file in Text format. Copy and paste the contents remaining in the new document containing the undamaged part of your file. Apply formatting styles.
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