How to Fix Error Code 0x8001008 of Corrupt JPEG Files

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JPEG file format is most used format for photos which are used by digital cameras and other digital photographic image capturing devices. JPEG or JPG is a compressed format of digital photos. JPEG files format is very popular because it provides smooth and realistic images with variation of tone and colour. But these secure JPEG image files may also get corrupt like other photos and files. You may get 0x8001008 error message sometime when you are trying to open JPEG files in your digital camera or any other storage device. When JPEG image is logically damaged then this type of error arises. Each and every photo contains some special memory of your life and you don't want to loss these photos at any cost. To avoid such situation it is advisable to you always take backup of your special photos so that recovery of photos gets easy from backup. Suppose due to error 0x8001008 the backup photos get corrupt, now what to do to recover it? You can use JPEG Repair tool to repair corrupt JPG images.

Consider a situation in which you are accessing photos of your marriage from your SD card. When you connected SD card with your computer system, your photos become inaccessible and give an error 0x8001008.

Err0x8001008 message occurs when you try to open the JPEG files:

Virus or malware infection.

Power surges.

Improper shut down.

Switching of the camera during the write process.

Hardware failure.

Solution: To solve corruption problem due to error0x8001008, first you need to find out the cause of the problem. Try to find out specific reason of the above error and try to remove those causes. If you can't find out reason or could not resolve the cause of the problem. In that situation you need to use JPEG repair software to repair corrupt images.

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