How to Fix QuickBooks Error 16026

Loosing valuable accounting data may create negative effect on your business. It is actually a disastrous situation for your accounting Data Company if you are not able to access your valuable data from QuickBooks files which have the records of one or more than one year due to lost or damaged of file. In the data corruption situation in quickbooks your main goal is to repair quickbooks files. QuickBooks repair can be done effectively with the help of a third party QuickBooks repair software file.

Consider a scenario. Sometimes, due to virus attack, many attempts to download quickbooks file get failed. This is a faulty incomplete download of quickbooks files which make .qbw file corrupt and you will receive a following error message while accessing it.  

"Error 16026"

Above error message pop up every time you make an attempt to download.


Causes that are responsible for the occurrence of above error message are:

1. some connectivity problems that prevent access to the Internet.
2. You are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.
3. The cipher strength of Internet Explorer is not 128-bit.
4. Improper installation of QuickBooks files. In other words, the files are damaged and have them installed QBW.
5. QuickBooks version is not compatible with Windows 7 or Windows Vista.


To resolve above error message, and do the repair QuickBooks. You have to follow the following steps:

1. Start QuickBooks again.
2. In QuickBooks, open the financial institution directory:
a) Select Banking> Online Banking> Available Financial Institutions.
b) If the financial institution's Board appears to the left, QuickBooks was successful in opening Intuit's online services.
3. If the Internet can be accessed from Web browser and within the QuickBooks then try to download a program update.
4. Check the version and cipher strength of Internet Explorer.
a) Start Internet Explorer.
b) Choose Help> About Internet Explorer.
c) Download a newer version of Internet Explorer, if you have a previous version of it.
5. If the problem persists, then it could be that the QBW file are not installed correctly or is damaged during installation.


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