How to fix excel file corruption error messages

Excel File corruption errors occur when excel files (xls, xlsx) are missing or corrupted. These errors occur in any case suppose you are trying to open your file or want to edit file or many more. Some most common file corruption error messages are:

  • "Excel unable to read file.."
  • “Filename is not valid.”
  • "This file is not in a recognizable format"
  • "abc.xls file cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only"
  • “The File is Corrupt and Cannot be Opened”
  • “Excel found unreadable content in (filename)”
  • “Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

When these messages occur then you can’t perform any task on the file or there is also possibility that the file is unable to open due to these error messages. 

Why these errors occur?

There are number of reasons behind excel file corruption errors but Most of excel file corruption errors are caused by virus attack, software malfunctioning, Power Outages, sudden system shutdown etc.  

But no-fear, there are number of methods to repair your Corrupt Excel Files. Some Free Methods are:

  • Microsoft Excel has an inbuilt feature known as AutoRecover. 
  • Try to save the file in HTML format
  • Try to open file in MS Word
  • Try to open file in MS Excel Viewer
  • Disable Macros
  • Try to Use of External Link Formulas in another Worksheet
  • Use Excel's built-in Open & Repair Feature

Other Procedures: If all above steps get failed then it signify your excel file is severely damage & all these free methods are unable to repair your file. In this case, you should use third party Excel Repair Software. The software can repair damaged Excel file after most of the corruption errors

But this is very last resort because in most of the cases the free methods are able to repair damage file. Hope this article will help you to repair corrupt Excel File!!!


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