How to Fix PowerPoint Error: PowerPoint can't open file because part of file is missing

Have you ever suffer with PowerPoint corruption error message when you are trying to open PowerPoint file. I have live experience of PowerPoint file corruption. I was trying to open my presentation file; it shows following error message on my screen: 

The error is classic sign of a corrupt presentation. There are many steps to recover corrupt PowerPoint file some are as follows:

1. Create a new blank presentation in PowerPoint, and save it with new file name. Then, go to Format > Slide Design, choose to show all documents, and choose the corrupt PowerPoint file. Check the option to apply it to all slides. Go to next step, if it gets failed. 

2. Now, go to Insert > Slides from File, and select the corrupt PowerPoint file. Make sure you are set to insert all slides, and then import. If it is not work then try repeating the process, inserting specific slides one by one until you find the problem one. After that save the file and also make sure that Fast Save options are off. GO to next step, if it get failed. 

3. Try to open your corrupt file in Safe Mode by following path: Click Start, point to Run>>Type in: powerpnt.exe /safe>>Open the corrupted file

4. Try to open the presentation in Word by following path: Open Microsoft Word>>On the File menu, click Open.>>Under the Open dialog box, click the arrow next to the Files of Type box at the bottom of that dialog box, and then click Recover Text From Any File>>Select your corrupt file, select it, and then click Open.  

If all steps get failed then there are some other general solutions such as locate a TMP file, Try to move the file to a different place, Try third-party PowerPoint recovery tool.

If you have a file backup then restore your file, it is one of the most recommended solution. After recovering your file, you should also check the information on 'how to prevent file corruption' so in future you will never be suffer with file corruption issues. 


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