How to convert PSD File to Jpeg File Format

PSD (Photoshop Document) is a layer-based image format which is developed by Adobe Systems Photoshop application. I have edited an image in Photoshop & have many layers, it become very large in size so it is hard to transmit online. In order to make this image transmittable then I have to change it in more portable formats like JPEG. While searching on internet & found that it is very easy process. 

Here are all steps: 


Step 1 
Open Adobe Photoshop  

Step 2
Click on "File" in the top menu bar and after that select "Open." Browse the PSD file that you want to convert to JPEG File Format and double-click its icon to open it.

Step 3
Click "File" again and select "Save As."

Step 4
Select the location to save your file and give the file name. Select the "JPEG" option from the Format drop-down menu, and click "Save."

Step 5
Select your image quality and formatting options from the resulting JPEG Options dialog box and click "OK." 

The steps will successfully save your PSD file in JPEG format at your desired location.

Issue: But these steps do not work for me. The problem is that jpeg does not look at all like the original psd. When I opened image, I found that some of the texture layers are not there and a glamour glow type effect has been added. The images are completely different from original PSD file. 

Solution: I found the exact cause of the problem it that sometimes if a PSD file has more than one layer creates this issue because The JPEG format does not support multiple layers. In this case you should Save a copy of your file and then flatten it. If it gets failed then In this case, you should use Third Party PSD to Image Converter tool

The advantage of this tool is that it converts psd file in other image formats with original picture quality including all other attributes like size, color, and appearance.


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